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Final results for Division 2 in the season 2008-09

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16/03/09: Pathhead entertained Prestonpans with no requirement of a win (apart from pride) as they are already the champions, but needed a good haul of Matchplay points to ensure they also win that competition, having been tied with Redcraig with one match to go for each team.  They needn’t have worried as an 8 – 0 scoreline leaves Redcraig a mountain to climb in their match against Watsonians tonight as I write.  Having won Matchplay points of that order it was inevitable that Pathhead also won this encounter handsomely, as they shot above their average and sent Prestonpans home to think again.  Top scorers for the home team were Alistair Parlett and N Georgeson with 192s, while the best for Prestonpans was M Williamson with 188.

19/03/09:  In the final match of the Division 2 programme, Redcraig welcomed Watsonians to decide which team would take the runners-up spot, and to see if Redcraig could take all 8 Matchplay points to tie with Pathhead for  that title.  Objective 1 was achieved by Redcraig as they won the match handsomely and relegated the early front-runners Watsonians to 3rd place in the Division.  However, the Matchplay remained out of reach as Redcraig won only 5 points.  Top scorer for he home team was David McConnell with 194, and for Watsonians it was Ian McAlpine with the same score.  Both Captains leading the way there.

In Summary: This division was won by Pathhead, four points ahead of Redcraig.  Pathhead also win the Matchplay title. The top average award for this division goes to Alistair Parlett of Pathhead with 95.54 (runner-up Ian McAlpine of Watsonians with 95.42).  The shooter who won most Matchplay points for his team was Jim Hind of Pathhead, with 18 points out of the possible 24 (second was David McConnell with 15 from 22).

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Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
06/10/2008 Pathhead 41 (2) lost to Watsonians 31 (6)
13/10/2008 Redcraig 48 (4) beat Pathhead 49 (4)
23/10/2008 Watsonians 21 (8) beat Redcraig 59 (0)
06/11/2008 Prestonpans 67 (4) lost to Watsonians 63 (4)
17/11/2008 Prestonpans 72 (3) lost to Pathhead 52 (5)
20/11/2008 Watsonians 44 (4) lost to Pathhead 43 (4)
27/11/2008 Watsonians 37 (2) beat Redcraig 38 (6)
01/12/2008 Prestonpans 82 (2) lost to Pathhead 44 (6)
08/12/2008 Pathhead 34 (4) beat Redcraig 40 (4)
18/12/2008 Prestonpans 278 (0) lost to Redcraig 58 (8)
08/01/2009 Prestonpans 282 (1) lost to Redcraig 44 (7)
12/01/2009 Redcraig 93 (4) lost to Pathhead 58 (4)
15/01/2009 Watsonians 41 (6) beat Prestonpans 60 (2)
29/01/2009 Redcraig 48 (6) beat Watsonians 62 (2)
05/02/2009 Prestonpans 81 (2) lost to Watsonians 49 (6)
09/02/2009 Pathhead 38 (7) beat Watsonians 58 (1)
12/02/2009 Redcraig 60 (4) beat Prestonpans 68 (4)
16/02/2009 Pathhead 41 (8) beat Prestonpans 71 (0)
19/02/2009 Watsonians 50 (4) beat Prestonpans 54 (4)
02/03/2009 Pathhead 43 (4) drew with Redcraig 43 (4)
12/03/2009 Redcraig 52 (6) beat Prestonpans 100 (2)
12/03/2009 Watsonians 47 (3) lost to Pathhead 42 (5)
16/03/2009 Pathhead 35 (8) beat Prestonpans 96 (0)
19/03/2009 Redcraig 34 (5) beat Watsonians 56 (3)

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Pathhead 12 9 2 1 19 520 43.33 61
2 Redcraig 12 7 4 1 15 617 51.42 58
3 Watsonians 12 7 5 0 14 559 46.58 49
4 Prestonpans 12 0 12 0 0 1311 109.25 24
(Table now correct.  There had been minor errors in #Shot, Agg & Avg.  Apologies.)

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Previous match commentaries:
The season started with Pathhead welcoming Watsonians to their first match after their season out of the competition. It was to be a comfortable victory for the  visitors, who shot very steadily overall.  Top scorer for Watsonians was Mike Czemerys with 194, but the best card of the night was a 99 from Ian McAlpine (quickly followed by a 92!).  Best for the home team was Jim Scott jnr, also with 194, which was enough to snaffle Pathhead’s only Matchplay points.

13/10/08: Redcraig got their campaign started, against visitors Pathhead, who were shooting their second match.  Unfortunately the result for them was another loss, as the home team took the points by the narrowest of margins. Top man for Redcraig was John Cranston with a steady 190, and the visitors’ top man was Alastair Parlett with 192.  Suitably for such a close match, the Matchplay points were shared 4-each.

2610/08: Watsonians blew away visitors Redcraig with the top score of the season so far in either division.  This was reached with a lot of help from 17-year-old  Ian McDougall, who scored a magnificent 200 to join the exclusive band who have achieved that feat in the league (beating his dad by six points). Top scorer for Redcraig was John Cranston with 191, but neither he nor the rest of team McConnell managed  to win any Matchplay points.

0611/08: Watsonians maintained their winning record away to Prestonpans but it was a completely different story for them in this match, scraping in with a massively worse score than their first two matches.  The top pair in each team were  fairly well matched, but the result hinged on the bottom pair, and the home team’s dropped a few more than the visitors’.  Top score for Prestonpans was A Gundlach with 193, and top for Watsonians was Ian McAlpine also with 193.  As befits such a close match the Matchplay points were shared 4-all.

17/11/08: Pathhead travelled to Prestonpans and took their first win of the season in three attempts in a low-scoring match.  The home team must have been suffering some kind of jitters because none of them shot to anything like their potential.  Their top scorer was A Paterson with 189, and top for Pathhead was Jim Hind with 193, the only shooter to score better than 190. The home side might consider themselves fortunate to get away with three Matchplay points, keeping them in second place in that competition.

20/11/08: Pathhead travelled to fortress Watsonians and took away their second win on the trot after a surprise win.  If the home side had any illusions about walking away with this league after their first two matches, they were sharply brought down to earth in a low-scoring and very close match. Despite Captain Ian McAlpine leading from the front with a fine 198, his team lost by one single point to a Pathhead team who shot fairly consistently.  Top scorer for Pathhead was Alistair Parlett with 192.  Watsonians keep the lead in the division, but there’s still a long way to go. The Matchplay points were shared 4-all.

27/11/08: In yet another match decided by a one-point margin, Watsonians pipped visitors Redcraig thanks to a last-minute substitution in their team, as Fraser Cheetham, shooting with virtually no notice, put in a match-winning 197 to give the home team the points.  Top for Redcraig was Ken Kirk with 194.  However, Watsonians didn’t have it all their own way as the visitors took the Matchplay points 6-2.  Watsonians maintain their lead in the division, but Pathhead are lurking, with a match in hand.  Five out of the 16 matches so far in both divisions have resulted in one-point victories (or losses, depending  on which side you’re on).

01/12/08: Prestonpans remain firmly anchored at the foot of the table after a heavy defeat from visitors Pathhead.  The home team will have to improve radically if they want to make an impression this season.  Their top scorer A Gundlach with 188 won his side’s only Matchplay points, with Jim Hind topping the visitors’ list with a steady 196.

08/12/08:  Pathhead had a steady shoot against visitors Redcraig and took the points in a comfortable victory.  Top scorer for the home team was Jim Scott with 194, with Alastair Hay top for Redcraig with 195, including the best card of the night of 99.  Some judicious pairings saw the Matchplay points shared 4-each. This win puts Pathhead second in the table to Watsonians, on aggregate.

18/12/08: Prestonpans’ home match against Redcraig proved to be a bit of a disaster for them as only three of their team turned up.  As it happened out, it wouldn’t have mattered if the missing member had scored 200, they would still have lost.  Their top scorer was A Gundlach with 184.  Joint top for Redcraig were David McConnell and John Cranston with 191s.  Wily old veteran Alec McConnell had the top card of the night with a 97, improving on his first card by a whopping 9 points.  The visitors took all 8 Matchplay points to close the gap in that competition to only three points behind Pathhead, with a match in hand, and two behind Watsonians. This one’s getting close.

08/01/09: For the second match running Prestonpans could not field a full team, and fell to visitors Redcraig by the consequential large margin.  Best for the depleted home team was Ewen Taylor with 187, with veteran Alex McConnell topping the visitors’ scoresheet with 192.  Prestonpans salvaged one Matchplay point, but as Redcraig took the other seven, that catapults them into the lead in that competition.

15/01/09: Prestonpans finally got four shooters onto the firing point when they first-footed Watsonians, but they still remain winless at the foot of the table as the home team took the points fairly comfortably.  The home team’s top scorer was Gordon McDougall with 195, with Ewen Taylor and A Gundlach topping the visitors’ list with 187 each.  Watsonians retain their lead on aggregate from Pathhead, but have a match in hand.  Prestonpans nicked a couple of Matchplay points giving six away to Watsonians, but third-placed Redcraig keep their lead in that competition.

29/01/09: Watsonians threw away their match in hand advantage at the top of the league by dint of Redcraig convincingly defeating their visitors, gaining revenge for their two previous defeats this season. Top scorer for the home team was captain David McConnell with a solid 194, whilst the best from Watsonians was Ian McAlpine’s 189, which, however, was sufficient to gain the visitors’ only Matchplay points. The six points Redcraig gained increases their lead in the Matchplay.  Watsonians still lead the main league but only on aggregate from Pathhead now, and it’s looking increasingly like a two-horse race between these two.

05/02/09: Watsonians visited Prestonpans and came away with most of the spoils – losing only one Matchplay match.  This win keeps their noses just in front of Pathhead.  Top score for the home team was Ewen Taylor with 187, with Gordon McDougall best for Watsonians with 192.  Redcraig still lead the Matchplay league, but are only a point ahead of Watsonians, with Pathhead lurking only another two points behind.

09/02/09: Pathhead entertained the league leaders Watsonians and gave them a good hiding, taking over the leadership on gunscore.  Two losses in the last three matches have put a considerable dent in  the city team’s hopes of winning the league, and Pathhead must now be the favourites, having a match in hand.  The rematch with Watsonians on 12th March will probably be the league decider if neither team stumbles in their other matches in the run-in. Top for Pathhead was N Georgeson with 194, while the best of the Watsonians’ bunch was again Gordon McDougall with 188.  He took a real tumble from his first card of 98 to his second of 90!  Watsonians’ single point puts them level pegging with Redcraig in the Matchplay league, with Pathhead just three points back waiting to pounce, so that’s wide open..

12/02/09: Redcraig kept within striking distance of the league leaders with an unconvincing home win against their visitors from Prestonpans in a high-scoring match.  The only man to shine was Redcraig’s Andrew Hay with a steady 195.  Joint top scorers for Prestonpans were Bill Brash and Alan Gundlach with 184s.  The visitors all shot steadily and their two lowest scorers took Matchplay points off the home team’s two lowest scorers.  However, the four points gained by Redcraig put them into the lead in the Matchplay competition.

16/02/09: The Prestonpans team headed over to Pathhead looking for their first win of the season but were sorely disappointed to lose heavily, unfortunately being on the end of another whitewash.  Their best scorer, Dougie Duff with 187 was outdone by all the Pathhead team, the best of which was Jim Scott the elder with 191. This result cements the home team’s place at the top of the league over Watsonians, and their eight Matchplay points puts them into a one-point lead over Redcraig,

19/02/09: Prestonpans nearly pulled off their first win of the season against a slightly below-average Watsonians at the latter’s range.  The visitors had their best score of the season so far, but Watsonians just kept their nose in front for a four-point victory.  The Matchplay points were shared 4-all.  Joint top scorers for the home team were Ian McAlpine, Mike Czemerys and Rhona Dove, all with 189, and joint top for Prestonpans were Alan Gundlach and A Paterson, each with 192. Pathhead still lead the division over Watsonians on gunscore, but with a match in hand.

02/03/09: In the first tied match of the season, Pathhead shared all the points with visitors Redcraig. Pathhead shot to about their average with every one shooting steadily – only 3 points covered all their scores –  but Redcraig improved somewhat, with Alan McConnell shooting well above his regular form to top the visitor’s list with a fine 194 including a 99, the top card of the night.  Best for Pathhead were Alistair Parlett and N Georgeson with 191s.  This draw keeps Pathhead’s nose in front of Watsonians at the top of the league by a point, both teams having shot the same number of matches with only two each to go.  The league decider could be on 12th March when these two teams clash at Colinton Road.  If Pathhead win that match, it’s all over providing they take the win against Prestonpans they can expect in their last match, but if Watsonians win it they will overtake the current leaders then face Redcraig in the last match of the season – not a guaranteed victory by any means – so they still have all to play for. The Matchplay League is also by no means decided yet, with Redcraig poised a point behind leaders Pathhead, with Watsonians not totally out of it either.

12/03/09: Prestonpans nipped round the bypass to take on Redcraig on the only 20-yard range in the area, still looking for their first win of the season.  It was not to be, however, as they a reserve in the team for the first time dropped as many points as the entire home side resulting in a heavy loss for the visitors.  Redcraig only had to shoot to their average to take the points Their top scorer was Captain David McConnell with 193, while Dougie Duff, making his first appearance in the competition, was top for Prestonpans with 190.  Redcraig’s 6 points in the Matchplay gives them a five-point lead there over Pathhead, who do have two matches in hand though.  Watch this space for the result of the crucial table-topping, league-deciding (maybe) match between Watsonians and Pathhead, also shot on the 12th (result not in yet).

12/03/09:  Result now in – and it was indeed a league-deciding match, as Pathhead beat their hosts Watsonians, and took an unassailable lead at the top of the table.  It was a close enough encounter, but the visitors just came out on top by five points, helped by their top scorer Alistair Parlett’s 194.  Top for Watsonians was Gordon McDougall with 192. The Matchplay competition is still very much up for grabs, with Pathhead and Redcraig on equal points with one match each remaining.  The former must be favourites though, as their match is against bottom team Prestonpans while Redcraig take on Watsonians in what could be a close match and the Matchplay points could go either way.


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