The "World Cup" Competition:  The World Cup is a competition for smallbore rifle shooters and was introduced to the LBTSA's competition programme in 1990.  It was originally patterned on the then current football World Cup competition and it basically still does although FIFA has tweaked the format of their Finals since then and has made it difficult if not impossible to transfer to this environment. Here's a picture of the awards on offer.

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NB: Those clubs that elect to do local scoring in the postal Qualifying round should download this Excel proforma file and use it to submit their scores by email.  Instructions are contained within it.

Entries have closed for the 2021-22 competition and the stickers have been sent out to all competitors. There were 35 entries giving six qualifying groups. The 16 qualifiers will proceed to the Final, to be held at Balerno & Currie on 5th March 2022 (Covid etc permitting).

See the bottom of this page for the final results of the four stages of the postal Final of the 2020-21 competition.

We have a winner!
Congratulations to Alan Anderson (Hawick) on taking the trophy for the first time, winning on countback from Alan Gordon (Dulnainbridge).
The 3rd/4th place playoff was won by Robin Thomson (Watsonians) from Joe McCarthy (Greenock).
The Plate was won ny Richard Simpson (Greenock) from clubmate Neil McMillan.

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The prizes will be sent out after the trophies have been engraved.

Thank you to all who persisted with the quaifying stage of the 2020-21 competition. There were 16 withdrawals out of the 36 original entrants, leaving the planned 16 quallifiers but only 4 reserves.

Here are the final Groups and here are the final Tables. Please see the end of the Group results file for the list of qualifiers and other important information.

Because Scottish Target Shooting (STS) did not issue its guidance to clubs on the conditions applicable to indoor shooting in Scotland following the Scottish Government’s recent announcements on the easing of Covid-related restrictions in Scotland in time, I made the decision that the Final of the World Cup would be a postal shoot. It appeared to me reading othere sources that it would be impractical to hold this event shoulder-to-shoulder in the traditional way.

In this unique situation, the Group stage of the Final has been dispensed with and we’re going straight into a round-of-16 knockout round.  The Finalists have been seeded from 1 to 16 in the order of their average from the Qualifying stage and the draw for the KO round is similar to the likes of Wimbledon: the top two seeds may or may not meet in the Final! The 8 losers in round 1 go to the Plate and thereafter each has a Quarter and Semi Final followed by their respective Final matches.

Here is the original draw.
Here are the results of Round 1 (shoot by date: 6/9/21)
Here are the results of Round 2 (Quarter Finals)  (shoot by date: 20/9/21)
Here are the results of Round 3 (Semi-Finals)  (shoot by date: 4/10/21)
Here are the results of Round 4 (both Finals and the 3rd/4th place match)  (shoot by date: 18/10/21)

The documentation of the Finals

(Each set of results is cumulative, i.e. each contains the results of the previous rounds also.)