The "World Cup" Competition:  The World Cup is a competition for smallbore rifle shooters and was introduced to the LBTSA's competition programme in 1990.  It was originally patterned on the then current football World Cup competition and it basically still does although FIFA has tweaked the format of their Finals since then and has made it difficult if not impossible to transfer to this environment. Here's a picture of the awards on offer.

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NB: Those clubs that elect to do local scoring in the postal Qualifying round should download this Excel proforma file and use it to submit their scores by email.  Instructions are contained within it.

The ‘World Cup’ competition is under way. The stickers were issued to the participating clubs on 16th September. There have been delays to the programme due to Covid-enforced restrictions – see below:

The final date for all postal stage rounds is now Monday 26th July.  The Final has been booked for Saturday 28th August at Belerno & Currie.

The range has been booked for the Final to take place at Balerno & Currie on 24th July.

The final date for all rounds is now Monday 28th June. Club reps have been informed.

The Final will take place approximately three weeks later, date to be confirmed.

Further Covid-related effects have forced another delay, so with immediate effect –

ALL rounds may be shot up to and including Monday 29th March 2021.

A new date for the Final will be issued in due course. It will likely be in mid-late April.

Due to the new lockdowns that have been/are being/will be/might be introduced in various parts of the UK, the shooting schedule given below has been changed. A blanket extension to all competitors is being given with immediate effect so that
ALL rounds may be shot up to and including Monday 15th February 2021.
I realise that this detracts from the traditional round by round ‘matchplay’ aspect of the competition, but needs must in these unusual times. Cards must still be shot in round number order. 

If at all possible, please send in cards/scores as and when they are shot ahead of 15th Feb and I will issue results when any full (or almost full) round’s-worth is received.

The Final remains scheduled for 6th March but will be postponed if ‘distancing’ and/or travel restrictions are still in effect at that time.

There are changes to the usual programme this season in the light of current circumstances. Normally the first round would be due in the middle of October, but I have set it to 9th November and made the match periods 3-weekly instead of 2-weekly with a longer gap over Xmas/NY. That allows the Final to take place on 6th March as usual but with a much shorter gap after round 5, which ends on 8th Feb.

The total entry is, as might be expected, quite well down on the usual level. with only 36 against the usual 60-ish. There are six qualifying Goups of six and I have decided to run a cut-down Final, with only 16 qualifiers instead of the normal 24, in four Groups of four. The Plate and Bowl competitions will still take place.

The Final will be held at Balerno & Currie’s range on 6th March 2021, but please note that I reserve the right  to postpone or even cancel the Final if distancing is still mandatory at that date or even later as it would be impossible to hold it under those conditions.