Competitions: If you or your club wish to enter any competitions, please contact the Association's Secretary, who will be delighted to send the relevant forms (in either electronic or paper format). Forms for each new season's competitions will be available from August each year. Clubs must affiliate to the Association to compete in the team competitions, and this allows all its members to shoot in the individual competitions as well. Individuals may also affiliate in order to shoot the individual competitions only (except the 'World Cup', which is open to anyone).

Use the links below to view information and results for the various competitions run by the Association. Each link gives more detailed information about that particular competition.

For all the results, averages, league tables and estimated scores for Lothian County teams.

For results, averages and match commentary for the S/S League.

For round-by round results and averages for all divisions of this league.

For all results for each month (Jan-Mar).

For the results of each of the Association’s Championships (Open, Women, Junior etc).

For the results of the Choose-Your-Own-Handicap team knockout competition.

If any comps were run for these disciplines, this is where the details and results would go.


Results for the ‘World Cup’ individual championship, both qualifying and final stages.

Shows pictures of all the trophies that are competed for annually.

Shows as many of the Association’s Annual Prize Lists as are available.¬† Please lend any missing ones to the site administrator to include here!

NOTE – You will require Adobe Reader (or a siimilar product that reads PDF files) to view many of the results files accessed through these links. If you do not have this utility, obtain the latest version free by clicking on the link below.