County teams - NSRA winter leagues: The County enters several teams in the NSRA's various County Leagues during the winter season.  This page gives the ongoing results of the current competitions and information on the County Medal and County Awards as well links to archives for previous years.

The winter programme has commenced and the cards have been distributed to the county team members at their clubs. See below for the programme of rounds. Please note that rounds 3 and 4 are for the same date.

For full details, see For operational reasons, the round dates given there differ from those given below, which are the ones that should be followed.

Round no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Round dates
15Nov 29Nov 13Dec 13Dec 10Jan 24Jan 7Feb 21Feb 7Mar 21Mar

Click on a team name below to see its full scores and results as they become available: (NB – these are all PDF files).

Main A Main B   Veterans
Junior A Junior B Junior C  
Prone averages Prone Stats    
Air Pistol Air Pistol Stats    

County Silver Medal
The County Silver Medal is awarded to the shooter with the highest prone average over the season who hasn’t won it before.
County Medal  <<< click  this button to see the leaderboard for the County Medal.

County Medal archive   <<< click  this button to see the full list of previous winners of the County Medal.

County Awards
County Awards (special badges) are given to those who have shot in County ‘A’ Teams for all rounds in two consecutive seasons.
County Awards   <<< click  this button to see the County Awards Roll of Honour.

County League Archives   <<< click  this button to see archives for County League teams (includes annual matches)