Shoulder-to-Shoulder League:  For club teams of four, who visit each others' ranges for home and away fixtures. Two 10-shot targets per shooter, and the team with the better score ex 800 wins two points (one each for a tie). The winning team receives the Younger Shield.  The number of teams per division can vary depending on the submitted averages of the teams entered.  A concurrent Handicap league may also be run and if it is, the winner receives the Maule Targe.

The Matchplay League takes place concurrently.  Before each match starts the home team captain lists his team in any order he wishes, and the away team captain then matches each one of his  team members against one of the home team shooters.  Each pair of home and away shooters then has an individual match between themselves, and two points are awarded for each win, one for a tie. Over the season, the team with the most Matchplay points in each division wins a trophy. 

The 2023-24 season has finished. Take the ‘Results’ link below to see full details.

Division 1: Results Calendar of matches
Division 2: Results Calendar of matches
Overall: Averages Averages (H/C)
Team Captains are reminded that, to enable results to be produced for the Handicap League, the average of any reserves (i.e. team members not originally nominated for the team on the entry form) must be provided on the result card or submitted to the league secretary beforehand. Averages must be based on the same criterion as for the entry form, i.e. over the best 10 of the last 12 cards shot, to one decimal place. Such averages only need to be given the first time a reserve shoots.
It might be instructive to note that, under the Bayley handicapping system, if all team members shot exactly their average score then the total handicap team total will be 784.000, so any score above that means that, overall, the team has exceeded its average.


Please note:
Submission of match results by email is now officially an alternative means of sending scores to the League Secretary. If this method is chosen then the procedure is that BOTH team captains are required to email an ‘electronic result card’ giving the team members’ names and the match scores to the League Secretary within three days of the match. (The address to send it to is on the e-card.) These dual submissions will count as corroboration and confirmation of the scores for the match as agreed at the time and will act in lieu of the two captains’ signatures on the the regular score card Match results will not be published until both e-cards giving identical information have been received by the League Secretary, who will obviously make enquiries if there are any differences.  It might be advisable for Home teams to take a photo of their scoreboard after the match to help resolve any potential problems or disputes. Captains should download the required electronic card from here. That document is the only officially acceptable form for submitting emailed results. A copy may be saved on their own computer for future use if desired. It is a Word document. This e-card should NOT be printed out and used as any kind of substitute for the traditional two-signature postcard, which is still an acceptable means of intimating results. A photo of the result card as filled in and signed by both captains at the match may be emailed to the Secretary within the three-day limit. However, the card MUST also be posted to arrive within three days (excluding Sundays). Any result published on the basis of that photograph are regarded as provisional until the card has been received.

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