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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2008-09

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26/03/09: In the final match of the season, Balerno & Currie’s close home win against Heriot’s kept them in third place, but crucially denied their visitors sufficient points to take the Matchplay title, which goes to Selkirk along with the Younger Shield for winning the division.  Top scorer for Balerno was Andrew Ross with 194 while Stewart Mackenzie, Chris Watson and David Aitken all had 192s for Heriot’s.

That concludes the programme for the season.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
06/10/2008 George Heriot’s FP 47 (4) beat Dalkeith 48 (4)
16/10/2008 Balerno & Currie 47 (2) lost to George Heriot’s FP 38 (6)
16/10/2008 Dalkeith 47 (4) lost to Selkirk 36 (4)
23/10/2008 Dalkeith 44 (4) lost to Balerno & Currie 41 (4)
30/10/2008 Balerno & Currie 33 (4) beat Dalkeith 47 (4)
07/11/2008 Selkirk 36 (3) beat Dalkeith 42 (5)
13/11/2008 Balerno & Currie 34 (3) beat Selkirk 35 (5)
13/11/2008 Dalkeith 46 (2) lost to George Heriot’s FP 39 (6)
20/11/2008 George Heriot’s FP 35 (6) lost to Balerno & Currie 31 (2)
01/12/2008 George Heriot’s FP 36 (4) beat Selkirk 40 (4)
12/12/2008 Selkirk 26 (4) beat Balerno & Currie 34 (4)
12/01/2009 George Heriot’s FP 34 (3) lost to Selkirk 29 (5)
15/01/2009 Balerno & Currie 33 (3) lost to Selkirk 25 (5)
22/01/2009 Dalkeith 51 (2) lost to George Heriot’s FP 35 (6)
29/01/2009 Dalkeith 49 (0) lost to Balerno & Currie 38 (8)
06/02/2009 Selkirk 26 (6) beat George Heriot’s FP 44 (2)
12/02/2009 Balerno & Currie 217 (4) lost to Dalkeith 48 (4)
19/02/2009 Dalkeith 56 (2) lost to Selkirk 26 (6)
20/02/2009 Selkirk 27 (7) beat Balerno & Currie 44 (1)
23/02/2009 George Heriot’s FP 25 (8) beat Balerno & Currie 40 (0)
06/03/2009 Selkirk 23 (6) beat Dalkeith 49 (2)
09/03/2009 Selkirk 28 (6) beat George Heriot’s FP 39 (2)
16/03/2009 George Heriot’s FP 30 (8) beat Dalkeith 63 (0)
26/03/2009 Balerno & Currie 35 (5) beat George Heriot’s FP 37 (3)

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Selkirk 12 10 2 0 20 357 29.75 61
2 George Heriot’s FP 12 7 5 0 14 439 36.58 58
3 Balerno & Currie 12 6 6 0 12 627 52.25 40
4 Dalkeith 12 1 11 0 2 590 49.17 33
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Previous match commentary:
The season commenced in exciting fashion when home-team Heriot’s just edged out Dalkieth by the narrowest of margins in a low-scoring match.  Here’s hoping the scores will improve as the competition progresses.  Top scorer for Heriot’s was Stewart Mackenzie with 193, and for the visitors Steve Newlands led his team from the front with 191.  The Matchplay points, as befits such a close match, were shared 4-all.

16/10/08: Heriot’s visited Balerno & Currie for the home team’s first match of the season, and went away satisfied with two points and a bagful of Matchplay points to boot.  This puts Heriot’s well into the lead at the top of the League, with two wins out of two.  Selkirk, last year’s winners, have not shot any matches yet though, so it’s all to play for. Balerno had a mix of youth and experience in their team and it was youth which came out as their top scorer, with Andrew Ross putting in a good 194.  Top for Heriot’s was David Aitken, also with 194 including the top score of the night of 99.  These two were against each other in the Matchplay, and Keith Karle took the home team’s only other point with a draw against Chris Watson on 188s.

16/10/08: Dalkeith made the trip over Soutra to take on last year’s champions Selkirk, and went back home to think again after the home team registered a comfortable victory in their first match of the season.  Top scorer for Selkirk was Bill Vaughan with two 99s, and Steve Newlands and Dave Thornton were top for Dalkeith with 191s. The visitors took away four Matchplay points though.  The bottom scorers in each tem were matched, and Dave Cummings just edged Robin Macmillan by one point, with Steve Newlands taking the other points. Despite their two matches so far, Dalkeith lie second in the Matchplay competition.

23/10/08: Balerno & Currie won their first match of the season on their first visit to Dalkeith, who remain winless after three matches so far.  The away team shot very consistently, and their two top scorers, Frank Gifford and Kirsten Tulloch with 191s, won Matchplay points for their team, as did Dalkeith’s, Steve Newlands and Dave Thornton with 190s.  Despite Dalkeith’s lowly position, they lead the Matchplay league.  Must be doing something right.

30/10/08: Balerno & Currie entertained Dalkeith in a rematch after their away win last week, and repeated the result at home, winning with a much more convincing margin this time.  Young Andrew Ross (one to watch for the future) was top scorer with 196, with Steve Newlands’ 194 was top for the visitors.  Dalkeith’s unusual record in the Matchplay continued, as their captain astutely matched his top two scorers with Balerno’s bottom two scorers, so they still lead the Matchplay league despite not having won a full match yet.

07/11/08: Selkirk welcomed Dalkeith with a couple of their regular team members missing, but managed to win, by six points, partly due to the massive contributio of Bill Vaughan who scored the second 200 of the season so far.  Dalkeith all shot steadily, and produced a score a few points better than their team average so far, but needed a few more points to cause an upset.  However, they continued their incredible run in the Matchplay league, taking 5 points to Selkirk’s 3. Their two top scorers were matched against Selkirk’s bottom two scorers.  Their captain is doing a fine job there.  Top scorer for Dalkeith was Dave Thornton with 191.

13/11/08: In the first of two matches shot on the 13th, the clash between the two favourites Balerno & Currie and their visitors Selkirk saw another match settled by only one point, this time in favour of Balerno & Currie.  Bill Vaughan for Selkirk could not repeat his heroic 200 of last week, having to settle for two 97s, but that was enough to make him his team’s top scorer.  They all shot very steadily as three of the team all had identical scores on their two cards, and the other was only one different.  Balerno’s top scorer was Andrew Ross again, with 193. In the Matchplay, once again the losing team gained most Matchplay points, with Selkirk taking 5 to Selkirk’s 3.

13/11/08: In the other match, winless Dalkeith entertained George Heriot’s FP, and they still remain winless. One of their shooters had a bit of a nightmare, but captain Steve Newlands had the equal top score of the night with 196 (including the only 99 in both these matches).  Despite this, Heriot’s were too strong overall, with their captain, Stewart Mackenzie, also leading from the front with 196.  Dalkeith’s run in the Matchplay came to an end, winning only 2 points this time.  They still lead that though, but they have shot twice as many matches as any other team.  Heriot’s go top of the league from Balerno & Currie on aggregate, both having won three matches but Heriot’s have a match in hand.  This division is shaping up well!

20/11/08: Balerno visited Heriot’s and knocked them off  top spot in the league with a narrowish win over the town team, who have a match in hand.  Top scorer for the home team was David Aitken, who included his team’s first ‘poss’ of the season in this competition in his 196.  This was enough to beat Balerno’s top scorer Andrew Ross by one point in their Matchplay encounter.  Despite losing the main match, Heriot’s won the Matchplay 6-2, with Balerno’s only points coming against an off-form Bob Aitken for the visitors.

01/12/08: Holders Selkirk lost their second match of the current campaign, albeit with an under strength team, when they visited Heriot’s.  The home team shot a little above their average, but it was enough to overcome the Borderers, whose only highlight was captain Jim Michael’s fine 198.  The Heriot’s captain also led from the front, with Stewart Mackenzie keeping himself third in the averages list (just behind Jim) with a steady 196.  The Matchplay points were shared 4-all.  This win puts Heriot’s on the same points as Balerno & Currie at the top of the league, but they remain second, on aggregate, but they now lead the Matchplay league.

12/12/08: Selkirk entertained Balerno & Currie without their full-strength team again, but had a comfortable victory over their visitors.  This win allows Heriot’s to take over at the top of the table, on aggregate from Balerno, plus they have a match in hand.  Despite the victory, holders Selkirk remain in 3rd place and will have to start to win consistently in the second half of the programme if they are to retain their title.  Top score for the home team was Bill Vaughan, returning to form with a 199.  This keeps him on top of the averages table with 98.9.  Top for the visitors was Frank Gifford on 195. The Matchplay points were shared 4-all, and that competition also remains very close.

12/01/09: Selkirk surged to the top of the league with a solid away win against the previous leaders Heriot’s, consigning them to 3rd place.  It’s still all very close, with three teams on 8 points and not too much in the way of aggregate to split them.  Top scorer for the City team was David Aitken with 195, while best for the Borderers was Ian Burton with 196.  Heriot’s keep a narrow lead in the Matchplay competition despite losing that encounter 3-5 on the night.

15/01/09:  In their second match in three days, Selkirk gained revenge for their one-point loss to Balerno & Currie last time they met at the latter’s range, and reprised almost exactly their last match at home against their northern rivals.  Both teams improved their scores from then by a point, but another win for Selkirk puts them at the top of the league two points ahead of Heriot’s, who have a match in hand though.  Top scorers for Balerno were Andrew Ross and Kirsten Tulloch with 194s, whereas Bill Vaughn kept his lead in the overall averages list over clubmate Jim Michael as Selkirk’s leading scorer with 197.  The visitors sneaked the Matchplay points 5 to 3, and take a one-point lead over Heriot’s there.

22/01/09: Heriot’s travelled out of town to visit Dalkeith and came away with the spoils after a comfortable victory.  This keeps them level with Selkirk on points at the top of the table (but down on aggregate), and with each team having shot the same number of matches, this league is too close to call, with 3rd-place Balerno & Currie not out of it yet.  Top scorer for the home team was Steve Newlands with 189 (which was enough to salvage his team’s only Matchplay points), and the visitors’ top man was David Aitken with 194.  Heriot’s  Matchplay haul of 6 points was enough to leapfrog them over Selkirk in that competition.

29/01/09: Balerno’s visit to Dalkeith resulted in a convincing win for the visitors, taking all ten points on offer – 2 league points and all 8 Matchplay points – the first ‘whitewash’ this season.  Looks like Dalkeith’s run of good results in the Matchplay has come to an end. However, this win only keeps Balerno in 3rd place, tied on points but down on aggregate behind Selkirk and Heriot’s who both have a match in hand – they meet each other next week. Top scorers for Dalkeith were Steve Newlands and Dave Thornton on 189, while the best for Balerno was Keith Karle with 192.  Kirsten Tulloch for the visitors takes the prize for best recovery, improving her first card of  91 to 99 on her second.

06/02/09: Selkirk took a vital two-point lead in Division 1 courtesy of a convincing win over their visitors in the form of second-placed Heriot’s, relegating them to third on aggregate behind Balerno.  Despite not being able to field their optimum team, Selkirk equalled their top score of the season, with Heriot’s slumping to their second-lowest, with also, it has to be said, not their top team either.  Top scorer for the home team was Keith Nixon with two 99s, easily outstripping his best scores so far this season with an average of 94.2.  Top for Heriot’s was David Aitken with 194. The two Matchplay points earned by Stewart Mackenzie keeps Heriot’s just one point ahead of Selkirk in that competition.

12/02/09: Balerno & Currie did their title hopes no good by only managing to field a 3-man team against visitors Dalkeith, handing them their first, albeit somewhat hollow, victory of the season.  The three that did turn up for the home team shot well, only dropping 17 points among them, but Dalkeith took the win by default and relegated B&C to third in the league.  They may have lost too many matches now to pose a serious challenge to the leaders, with only three more to go and all against those two teams. Top scorer for the home team was Andrew Ross with two 99s, and top once again for Dalkeith was Steve Newlands with 193. The Matchplay points were shared 4-all, and this competition looks like running down to a close finish among all four teams.

19/02/09: Selkirk increased their lead at the top of the table with a convincing away win against Dalkeith, who had to field a substitute who unfortunately dropped more points than the entire visiting team.  Joint top scorers for Selkirk were Jim Michael and Ian Burton, each with 195, while Steve Newlands kept up his run of top-scores for Dalkeith with 194.  He also picked up his team’s only Matchplay points, being pitted against the visitors’ lowest scorer, but Selkirk’s six points puts them into a five-point lead over Heriot’s there.  Bill Vaughan keeps his lead in the Averages table, but cannot afford to miss one match out of the last three if he wants to take the award, as the prize goes to the shooter with top average who shoots in a minimum of all but two matches in the programme, and he has missed two already. His clubmate Jim Michael is lurking in 2nd place, but he also cannot afford to miss another match.

20/02/09: In their second match in as many days, Selkirk took two points off Balerno in a crucial top-of-the-table clash at their home range.  This virtually ensures that Balerno cannot now win the league, and Selkirk probably will, although Heriot’s are still in the mix.  Top scorer for Selkirk was Jim Michael with 196, and for the visitors it was Andrew Ross with 193, who took his side’s single Matchplay point.  Selkirk now have a healthy lead in that competition, but second-placed Heriot’s have two matches in hand.

23/02/09: Balerno & Currie visited Heriot’s for a must-win match if they wanted to keep their slim hopes of winning the title alive.  Alas it all went horribly wrong as they were on the receiving end of what must surely be their first-ever whitewash.  Heriot’s shot above themselves, by equalling the top team score of the season in this Division so far and bettering their previous best by no fewer than 13 points.  This win keeps Heriot’s in the hunt, but even with a match hand even they might concede that Selkirk are still the favourites.  Top scorer for the home team was Chris Watson with a steady 197, while Andrew Ross led Balerno’s list with 195.  As mentioned, Heriot’s won the Matchplay encounter 8 to 0, also keeping them within striking distance of the leaders.

06/03/09: Selkirk entertained their visitors from over the hill, but Dalkeith, in shooting to their average, didn’t have the firepower to overcome the league leaders, who maintained their recent run of good scores to take all the points except two in the Matchplay.  Top scorer for Selkirk was Bill Vaughan, surely heading for the top average prize, with 197, with Steve Newlands again topping the Dalkeith team with 192.  This win puts Selkirk six points ahead in the table over Heriot’s, but if Heriot’s win all their remaining three matches (one of which is against Selkirk in their last match) there will  be a tie on points and a shoot-off will take place on a neutral range. The Matchplay title isn’t a gimme either, as a 10-point deficit is not insurmountable by Heriot’s with their three matches to one advantage.

09/03/09: Selkirk’s last match of the season saw them clinch the title by beating their visitors and closest rivals Heriot’s.  The city team all shot steadily but it wasn’t enough to keep their hopes alive, with Bill Vaughan’s 199 and Jim Michael’s 196 giving the home team a huge advantage.  Top for Heriot’s was Stewart Mackenzie with 195.  Selkirk took a valuable 6 points in the Matchplay, leaving Heriot’s the huge task of requiring 14 Matchplay points from their last two matches to snatch that title from Selkirk.

16/03/09: Heriot’s clinched second place in the league with a comfortable home win against Dalkeith. The home team all shot pretty steadily, with David Aitken their top scorer with 194 including the night’s highest score of 99.  Once again, Dalkeith’s top man was Steve Newlands with 191.  Heriot’s haul of the maximum 8 Matchplay points keeps them in contention for the Matchplay title, leaving them requiring six points from their last match against Balerno & Currie to take it away from Selkirk at the last moment.


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