Here is the current list of subjects that each banner picture is randomly taken from for every page displayed. Some subjects have more than one photo. A couple of more Borders-related ones were added when the name changed to LBTSA. More please! (See here for some suggestions),

Arthur’s Seat
Bass Rock
Calton Hill monument
Coldstream Bridge   (courtesy of Robin Thomson)
Edinburgh Castle
The Eildons
Forth Bridge
Forth Road Bridge
Greyfriars Bobby
Heart of Midlothian
Hillend Ski slope
Holyrood Palace
Lauder Scottish meeting range
Museum of Flight
Nelson’s Column
North Berwick Law
Parliament building
Queensferry Crossing
Ross Bandstand
St Giles
Scott Monument
Tantallon Castle

If you have any suggestions for further subjects that represent Lothian or Edinburgh or the Borders, please let get in touch.  If you wish to take your own picture of somewhere new, or if you think you can do better with one of the existing subjects (I won’t be offended), feel free to send it in.  It has to be of somewhere strictly within the boundaries of the local government areas of Edinburgh, East, Mid & West Lothian, The Scotish Borders or Dumfries & Galloway.

Note that the main subject of any photo should be capable of being shown in a ‘letter box’ aspect, i.e. wide and narrow, so tall subjects such as the Scott Monument are going to be difficult to represent here (although I have attempted that one). Put the main subject slightly off to the right so that the addition of the logo on the left does not obcure too much of it. So, use your phone camera sideways or ensure your ‘real’ camera is set to a wider aspect ratio such as 16:9 if possible as the standard aspect of 4:3 might not be wide enough (depends on the original pixel density). The final photo will be cropped to exactly 1100px wide by188px high, which is the size required by the underlying website construction framework.

The Association reserves the right to use, decline to use for any reason or edit or alter in any way any photo submitted.  Any photo submitted and subsequently used as the basis of a banner picture will be considered to be an unconditional gift to the Association and copyright of the original and the banner picture derived from it will be assumed by the Association.