Edinburgh and County teams - NSRA annual matches: On behalf of the City of Edinburgh, the Association enters the two annual matches run by the NSRA for cities. These are the Cities & Boroughs match and the Commonwealth Cities match. The BSA Cup is for NSRA Counties (not to be confused with governmental counties). This page gives the ongoing results of the current competitions, and links to archives for previous years. These matches are often shot at the end of our winter seasaon but unfortunately the results don't seem to come through for some months afterwards.

Annual Matches

Latest available result / status:
BSA Cup The final results show that Lothian were 12th this time.  From 1st to 5th to 12th in three seasons is a bit worrying!
Cities & Boroughs Despite reducing the team size from 8 to 6, Lothian still prevailed against the Aberdeen all-stars by taking the trophy from them by 9 points.  Congratulations to the whole team and especially to Ollie Barron on a fine 300.
Commonwealth Cities Result not in yet. Our total was 7 points down on our winning score in 2018. Never know!


Annual Matches Archive (BSA Cup/Cities & Boroughs/Commonwealth Cities)