Championships (indoor): This produces the indoor individual champion for the year. There is one postal qualifying stage (two cards), and a final which is run on a knock-out basis for the best 16 qualifiers, two cards per round. There are concurrent Ladies, Junior and Veterans competitions based on the qualifying stage, and there are also two classes of Inexpert championships for those with lower averages. 
Championships (outdoor):This competition is run concurrently with the Unsquadded Aggregate at the National Smallbore Rifle Association's annual Scottish National meeting, held (theoretically at least) at different places in Scotland each year. This is because there are no outdoor ranges for smallbore rifle in Lothian, so the outdoor championship (which goes back many, many years) has to be shot elsewhere. There is a handicap competition as well as a scratch one.

Here are the current County Champions.                                                     Archived results are here.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NSRA’s 2021 Scottish Meeting was cancelled so there are no outdoor champions for 2021-22.

Championship 1st (trophy & medal)
2nd (medal)
Indoor Champion
(Whitton Cup)
A Dove (Watsonians) R Thomson (Watsonians)
Top qualifier from the Postal Stage
(Tennant Cup)
A R Anderson (Hawick) n/a
Ladies Champion
(Watt Rose Bowl)
Miss L Richards (George Watson’s) Miss L Brechin (George Watson’s)
Veterans Champion
(Veterans Trophy)
A R Anderson (Hawick) R Thomson (Watsonians)
Junior Champion
(NSRA Jubilee Trophy)
C Haughney (George Watson’s) R Watt (George Watson’s)
Inexpert ‘A’ Champion
A Aitken (George Watson’s) G Geffers (Edinburgh University)
Inexpert ‘B’ Champion
Jamie Brown (George Watson’s) R Price (George Watson’s)
Outdoor Champion
(McLennan Medal)
Outdoor Champion (Handicap)
(Ettrick & Lauderdale Trophy) *

* Note: The handicaps allocated to the different classes to determine the winner of the Ettrick & Lauderdale Trophy run concurrently with the Unsquadded Aggregate at the ‘Scottish’ are as follows:  Classes  X&A: + 0. Class B +19. Class C +37. Class D +56.