Not wishing to re-invent the wheel, one of the best sources of Scottish, UK and international shooting-related links you’re likely to find is on the links page at the site of the Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association. [1]  There are links to clubs, associations, national governing bodies, international federations, Olympic and Commonwealth shooting sites as well as equipment manufacturing companies and trading organisations for all kinds of shooting-related kit. Go directly to the SSRA links page from here (opens in a new tab).

Police, FAC forms & information etc: (all will open in a new tab)

For general interest and wide-ranging discussions on all aspects of UK and ISSF shooting, the Stirton Discussion Forum is the place to go. There’s an introductory page for guests, and you have to register to gain access to the full forum (free and easy). It’s also a useful place to buy and sell used shooting kit.

[1] Please note that the SSRA site is obsolete so the link to it here may or may not work in the future, and in any case the links on the page referred to are not being maintained (AFAIK).  That’s not to say that most of the information is not valid or useful.
The SSRA was subsumed into the new body Scottish Target Shooting (STS) at the beginning of 2016 and no longer exists as a separate organisation. The SSRA website was still available at time of writing but its future is uncertain as its domain registration expires on 9th February 2024 and it may well disappear then.  It was actually renewed in February 2022 for two years so it looks like someone is keeping any eye on it and this valuable resource of historical data remains available for the time being at least. So far, the STS site has not continued with this links service, but please write in if you see that it has and this page will be suitably adjusted.