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Final results for Division 2 in the season 2007-08

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Programme completed.  See below for commentary on each match.

Match results so far —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
25/10/2007 Dalkeith 46 (4) beat George Heriot’s FP 66 (4)
30/10/2007 Prestonpans 57 (2) beat Dalkeith 66 (6)
12/11/2007 George Heriot’s FP 35 (8) beat Dalkeith 57 (0)
15/11/2007 Prestonpans 85 (2) lost to George Heriot’s FP 41 (6)
20/11/2007 Prestonpans 63 (0) lost to Dalkeith 41 (8)
26/11/2007 George Heriot’s FP 44 (6) beat Prestonpans 60 (2)
06/12/2007 Prestonpans 53 (4) lost to George Heriot’s FP 43 (4)
07/01/2008 George Heriot’s FP 45 (4) beat Dalkeith 231 (4)
21/01/2008 George Heriot’s FP 41 (4) beat Prestonpans 236 (4)
05/02/2008 Prestonpans 264 (0) lost to Dalkeith 48 (8)
14/02/2008 Dalkeith 47 (6) beat Prestonpans 73 (2)
21/02/2008 Dalkeith 33 (8) beat Prestonpans 257 (0)
25/02/2008 George Heriot’s FP 45 (4) drew with Dalkeith 45 (4)
03/03/2008 George Heriot’s FP 31 (8) beat Prestonpans 72 (0)
13/03/2008 Dalkeith 39 (3) lost to George Heriot’s FP 36 (5)

League Table

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 George Heriot’s FP 10 8 1 1 17 427 42.70 53
2 Dalkeith 10 5 4 1 11 653 65.30 51
3 Prestonpans 10 1 9 0 2 1220 122.00 16

Click here to see the individual averages for this division (pdf file)

Previous Commentary:
The league programme finally got underway with Dalkeith recording a solid home victory against Heriot’s FP by 20 points.  This was at least partly due to one of the visitors having a particularly ‘off’ night.  Top score for the home team was Dave Thornton with 193, but David Aitken for Heriot’s topped the match with a 194.  Dalkeith did not have it all their own way in the Matchplay stakes, as the points were shared 4-all.

30/10/07: Prestonpans’ first match resulted in a somewhat fortuitous win, as one of the visiting team from local rivals Dalkeith had a disaster of a first card, resulting in a loss for the visitors by only 11 points.  The real difference between the teams was emphasised by the fact that the losers won three of the Matchplay matches, their only loss being by the above unfortunate shooter, who was against the top scorer of the home team, namely Dougie Duff with a down-and-up 193.  Best for Dalkeith was Dave Thornton with 191.

12/11/07: Heriot’s almost halved their score from their first match away to Dalkeith, and it was just as well, otherwise they might have lost to them again at home.  As it was a fine 100, 98 combination from David Aitken led his team to a comfortable victory over their visitors with his team-mates showing some consistency to record the best team score so far this season in Division 2.  Top scorer for Dalkeith was Steve Newlands with 191.  The home team took all the Matchplay points too. Each team has won one match and the averages look similar, so it could be a close-fought division this year.

15/11/07: Heriot’s visited Prestonpans and were gifted the points due to uncharacteristically poor scoring by  the home team.  Even if the substitute for one of their regulars had not crashed and burned, Heriot’s would still have won comfortably.  Top score for the visitors was Stewart Mackenzie with 194, and joint top for the ‘Pans were Dougie Duff and W Brash with 189.  Dougie won his Matchplay match, but that’s all his team got from this encounter.

20/11/07: Prestonpans had their full team back to host a visit from Dalkeith, but despite this they still lost quite heavily, with none of their shooters being able to shine.  Their joint top scorers were Dougie Duff and Ewen Taylor with 188s, while all the visitors scored better than that with Connor Cummings topped their list with 191. Dalkeith took all the Matchplay points.

26/11/07: League-leaders Heriot’s welcomed bottom-of-the-table Prestonpans with open arms and duly took the points from the visitors.  It wasn’t all plain sailing though as they only won because their two best shooters performed better than their guests’ best shooters.  ‘Pans only go two Matchplay points out of it.  Top for the scorers for the home team were Stewart Mackenzie and David Aitken with 193s, while best for the visitors was Ewan Taylor with 189.

6/12/07: After seeing off last-place Prestonpans at home in their previkous match, top-of-the table Heriot’s cemented their place with solid away win over the East Lothian side.. ‘Pans improved their score, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the visitors.  The Matchplay points were shared, though.  Top scorer for the home team was Dougie Duff with 191, and Chris Watson topped the Heriot’s team with 193.  Although not having one of his best nights, David Aitken retains his place at the top of the Div 2  averages table, just keeping his nose in front of club colleague Stewart Mackenzie.

7/1/08: Heriot’s welcomed first-footers Dalkeith, who unfortunately turned up with only three shooters. The match went ahead with Dalkeith borrowing a spare Heriot’s shooter, but this was subsequently disallowed by the organisers as this person had already shot for Heriot’s in a previous match so it was against the rules. The home team obviously won the match, with David Aitken putting in a steady 195, maintaining his lead in the averages list for this  division.  Top for the depleted Dalkeith team was Cohnor Cummings with 191, but being paired against David meant he did not win his Matchplay match.  However, his two team mated did win theirs, so the points were shared four-all.

21/1/08: For the second match running Heriot’s visitors failed to attend with a full team.  This time it was Prestonpans turn to arrive with only three shooters. Heriot’s obviously won the match, but the visitors still managed to take half the Matchplay points.  Top scorers for the home side were Chris Watson and David O’Keefe with 191 each, and Dougie Duff topped the Prestonpans team with the same score.

5/2/08: For the second match running, Prestonpans could only field three shooters, so visitors Dalkeith had an easy win, taking all the Matchplay points as well as the league points.  Top scorers for the home team were Dougie Duff, somewhat off form, and Ewen Taylor with 181s, and top for Dalkeith were Dave and Cohnor Cummings with 191 each.

14/02/08: Dalkeith’s home match against a full-strength Prestonpans resulted in a  resounding win for the hosts, which cements them firmly in second place in the league. Three of their shooters shared top score, with L & D Cummings and Dave Thornton all scoring 189s.  Ironically Prestonpans’ top scorer – Dougie Duff – also scored 189  and he was paired in the Matchplay with the only home shooter who did not get that score, thus securing two Matchplay points for his team.  It’s looking likely that Heriot’s will win the division, but Dalkeith and them are neck-and-neck for the Matchplay title with only three matches remaining.

In a repeat of last week’s match, Dalkeith beat visitors Prestonpans, a victory made easier by Prestonpans’ inability to field a full team for the third time this season. The home team’s score, however, was the best seen in this division so far and would not have been out of place in Division 1.  Everyone shot very steadily, the highlight being Steve Newlands’ 99, enabling him to be his team’s top scorer with 195.  Top for the depleted Prestonpans team was Dougie Duff with, it has to be said, an off-form 188.  Dalkeith took all the Matchplay points, shooting them into the lead in that competition over Heriot’s, who lead them by two points in the main competition with a match in hand.

25/02/08: The top-of-the-table clash between Heriot’s and Dalkeith ended in a draw.  A good result for Heriot’s and a not-so-good one for the visitors as it keeps them two points behind the leaders, who have a match in hand.  For Dalkeith to have any chance at all of winning the Division, they must pray that Prestonpans spring a surprise and beat Heriot’s, then beat them themselves in the last match of the season in order to force a shoot-off.  Here’s hoping the ‘Pans can get a full team out to make a match of it.  If Heriot’s get at least one point from Prestonpans then it’s all over.  In last night’s match, both teams shot roughly to their (true) averages and the outcome was the aforementioned tie.  Top scorer for the home team was Chris Watson with a steady 191, and for Dalkeith it was  Cohnor Cummings with 193.  The Matchplay points were shared equally.  The two bottom scorers (who must be rueing their performances) also tied there, and Dalkeith retain their 8-point lead in that competition.

3/03/08: The title was decided at the match between Heriot’s and Prestonpans at the range of the former.  Heriot’s put in the best score in this division so far this season to take all the points and with one match remaining, they cannot be caught now even if they lose to 2nd placed Dalkeith next week.  Top scorer for Heriot’s was Chris Watson with 194, and Dougie Duff led the visitors with 191.  Heriot’s took all the Matchplay points, and are now tied for that title with Dalkeith – this will be resolved at next week’s final match!

13/03/08: Heriot’s extended their lead at the top of the Division in the final match of the programme to confirm their title with an away win over second-placed Dalkeith. It was a close match with the home team putting in their second-best score of the season, but it wasn’t quite enough to beat the champions. Top scorer for the home team was Cohnor Cummings with 194, and top for Heriot’s was Chris Watson, also with 194. The Matchplay title was decided in this match, and with Heriot’s taking 5 points to Dalkeith’s 3, they win that as well, by only two points.

David Aitken of Heriot’s wins the award for highest average in the division (96.1).


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