The "World Cup" Competition:  The World Cup is a competition for smallbore rifle shooters and was introduced to the LBTSA's competition programme in 1990.  It was originally patterned on the then current football World Cup competition and it basically still does although FIFA has tweaked the format of their Finals since then and has made it difficult if not impossible to transfer to this environment. Here's a picture of the awards on offer.

Plate World Cup – Roll of Honour Bowl

Main Competition

Year Winner Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
1991 T Kidner H Simpson Jnr A G E Allan J H Hind
1992 C W C Ogle T Kidner W F Brown A J Horne
1993 W T Vaughan J H Hind J R Buchanan E J Jones
1994 W F Brown H Simpson Jnr A J Horne Mrs G R Henderson
1995 J G O’Connell T Kidner T F Hodgson A J Horne
1996 H Simpson Jnr T Kidner A J Horne W F Brown
1997 W F Brown A J Horne G J B Winch W G Gibbon
1998 Miss S M Bell C G DeJonckheere Mrs G R Henderson A J Horne
1998 W F Brown T Kidner A J Horne I Thomson
2000 M M Mutch W T Vaughan T Kidner Miss S M Bell
2001 W F Brown R A Sellar T Kidner E J Jones
2002 W T Vaughan A J Horne A S Bruce G A Rudd
2003 A J Horne E J Jones Ms S M Sharp A S Bruce
2004 J C Dummer T F Hodgson A J Horne M I Thomson
2005 M Sinclair W F Brown A S Bruce N B Baker
2006 A J Horne M MacGill M Sinclair Mrs S M Jackson
2007 A J Horne H Simpson J R Sinclair I McAlpine
2008 A J Horne M Sinclair T Hodgson I Thomson
2009 M Sinclair N B Baker W T Vaughan G Thorn
2010 A J Horne J R Brown M Sinclair T Kidner
2011 A S Bruce A J Horne T F Hodgson R G Spence
2012 A J Horne J A Henderson H Simpson Ms H Doyle
2013 A S Bruce G Thorn M MacGill A J Horne
2014 J R Sinclair A J Horne A S Bruce R R Simpson
2015 K Greenaway A J Horne Ms H Doyle W T Vaughan
2016 R R Simpson K Greenaway H Simpson D Caughey
2017 J G Shedden K Greenaway P Duxbury R R Simpson
2018 H Simpson A S Bruce D Caughey R R Simpson
2019 R R Simpson D Strachan A J Horne A Fowler
2020 A J Horne H Simpson R B Campbell M Lowe
2021 A Anderson A Gordon R Thomson J McCarthy
2022 H Simpson A Horne J Godsell D Thorn

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Year Winner Runner-up
1997 W J Long J Milne
1998 W G Gibbon I Thomson
1999 H Simpson Jnr N B Baker
2000 D A M McIntosh N B Baker
2001 Mrs S M Jackson R B Campbell
2002 T F Hodgson N B Baker
2003 H Simpson C G DeJonckheere
2004 J Fraser I Thomson
2005 A J Horne T Kidner
2006 E J Jones Miss M Smith
2007 E J Jones T F Hodgson
2008 T Kidner G Thorn
2009 A J Horne J G Shedden
2010 P Jess H Simpson
2011 D Simpson I Thomson
2012 W T Vaughan D Simpson
2013 I S Henderson I Thomson
2014 K Greenaway Ms F Crowden
2015 J R Brown P Richard
2016 I S Henderson W T Vaughan
2017 D Simpson Ms H Doyle
2018 W T Vaughan J G Campbell
2019 H Simpson J Godsell
2020 N Georgeson W T Vaughan
2021 R R Simpson N McMillan
2022 A Anderson D Thorn

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Year Winner Runner-up
2004 M M Mutch F Gifford
2005 C G DeJonckheere W T Vaughan
2006 P Jess J Michael
2007 W Crawford I Burton
2008 J R Sinclair M Lowe
2009 H Simpson B Cooke-Duffy
2010 W T Vaughan I Burton
2011 H Simpson P Richard
2012 R G Spence I Burton
2013 C Broughton T Kidner
2014 Mrs S Thomas P Richarad
2015 K Nixon I Henderson
2016 Ms H Doyle J G Shedden
2017 R B Campbell Mrs R Dove
2018 K Nixon J R Ward
2019 Mrs S Thomas C E T Allan
2020 R R Simpson C G De Jonckheere
2021 Not run (Covid)  
2022 Not run (Covid)  

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