Scottish Southern Counties Association: The competitions previously run by the former Berwickshire Miniature Rifle Association, the Border Rifle League and the SSCA
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Origins & Evolution
The Field Day

BMRA/BRL/SSCA in whichever guise it was at the time ran a wide selection of competitions for teams and individuals. They were all for smallbore rifle. Here they are:

Name Trophy
Winter team league ICI Cup (Div 1), Bell Shield* (Div 2), Pitman Cup (Div3)
Winter team handicap league Lyal Bowl*
Best Aggregate in the Winter league Scott Shield
Summer team league League Challenge Shield** (Div 1) Lyal Bowl* (Div 2)
Winter individual league None
Junior Winter individual league None
Summer individual league None
Winter team Knock-out Burton Cup
Winter individual CYOH Knock-out Dundas Salver
Individual championship Tennant Cup

* Originally, the Lyal Bowl was awarded for the Summer team league, Division 2. In 1976 it was re-allocated to Division 2 of the Winter League, replacing the Bell Shield which was withdrawn for some reason, although it still exists and is apparently not competed for any more. From season 2012-13, if there were insufficient entries to run two divisions in the  Winter league, a Handicap league was run concurrently with the single division, and the winners of that received the Lyal.

** This trophy was only recently unearthed and was not recognised for what it was, but some sleuthing revealed its original purpose. It has not been engraved since 1972 and has apparently not been presented since then. It’s not currently known when the last summer team league competition was run.

In addition to these competitions, which are all shot indoors, an annual event called the Field Day was (and still is) held each Summer, usually in July. This is an outdoor Open Meeting with competitions at 50 metres and 100 yards. See here for details of the Field Day.

A review will be undertaken to consider which of these competitions will continue to be run under the LBTSA banner. Some are almost exact duplicates of pre-existing LSSA competitions, so those will probably be dropped.  The Field Day will continue.

Here is a picture gallery with all the photos of the trophies for these indoor competitions.

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