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A correspondent recently sent in a photo of a magnificent trophy * once used by the Edinburgh & District Tramways Rifle Club in the early 20th century from 1913 to 1950, albeit with gaps in the sequence. It’s the ‘Hall Blythe’ trophy and was competed for by teams representing various different subdivisions of the Edinburgh tram network. Mr Hall Blythe was the Chairman of the Tramways organisation at the time and presented the trophy himself. The shield is in a display case approx 600mm x 700mm, so it’s a big one. Here is the list of names on all the winners’ plaques.

The Tramways was a big club in the early years of the Association. It shot in an underground range at Shrubhill off Leith Walk which was the major tram depot. The club morphed into the Edinburgh Transport RC later after the trams were discontinued and used the range under Waverley Station. That club folded in the 1980s, I think.

* Photo © Chris O’Brien.