Individual Benchrest Postal League:  This is a short-range postal league for individuals shoooting benchrest to NSRA Rules. 

This league is being run for the first time in the 2021-22 season. It has one division containing all the entrants as none of them (or very few) had an average to declare.  Each competitor fires two 10-shot cards in each round, and there are three rounds each in January, February and March.

Points will be awarded in each round according to the ranking of the scores, i.e. the top scorer receives N points where N is the number of competitors in the division, the next best gets N-1 points etc. X-bulls will be counted to split ties on raw scores.

After round 3, a handicap competition was run concurrently (retrospectivley)  using handicaps based on averages achieved in those initial rounds.

Take the links in the buttons below to see the results as they become available:

Rounds Results
1 – 3 (January) Scratch   Handicap
4 – 6 (February) Scratch   Handicap
7 – 9 (March) Scratch   Handicap

The Scratch league ended in a 3-way tie on total points between Bill Hamilton (Watsonians), Alan Anderson (Hawick) and Robin Thomson (Watsonians), with Bill just edging it on total gunscore.

The Handicap league was won quite convincingly by K Lang (Prestonpans), followed by Robert Beale (Watsonians) and Bill again.

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