County Silver Medal Archive: Here are all the winners of the NSRA's County Silver Medal.  This is awarded to the shooter with the highest average in any of the non-reserve teams in the County Prone Leagues who has not won it before.  It confers the privilege of allowing entry to a special competition for such winners at the NSRA's National Meetings at Bisley and The Scottish each year. From 1966  to 2009 this award was based on the highest average in the shoulder-to-shoulder league. Prior to that, the basis for the award is not currently known,  but it may have had something to do with the Association's outdoor league, which was last run in  in 1963.

County Silver Medal Winners
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Season Winner  
2023-24 J G Shedden Dumfries
2022-23 N Georgeson Balerno & Currie
2021-22 A R Anderson Hawick
2020-21 A Dove Watsonians
2019-20 R Olley EU Alumni
2018-19 T Diggle Edinburgh University
2017-18 C Gray Watsonians
2016-17 J F A Barron Watsonians
2015-16 D Caughey Watsonians
2014-15 O M Barron Watsonians
2013-14 Mrs R Dove Watsonians
2012-13 Mrs S Jackson Watsonians
2011-12 No award  
2010-11 Miss B Burnside Watsonians
2009-10 C Broughton Masonic (Edinburgh)
2008-09 A Ross Balerno & Currie
2007-08 D Aitken George Heriot’s FP
2006-07 A Parlett Pathhead
2005-06 D Duff Prestonpans
2004-05  P R May Balerno & Currie
2003-04  S R Mackenzie George Heriot’s FP
2002-03  W T Vaughan Lauder & Oxton
2001-02  J Michael Lauder & Oxton
2000-01  G A Rudd Watsonians
1999-00  A S Bruce Balerno & Currie
1998-99 Miss L Marlow EU Alumni
1997-98 A M Coates Watsonians
1996-97 C I H Thomson Watsonians
1995-96 W J Grant Balerno & Currie
1994-95 A J Horne Balerno & Currie
1993-94 R A Sellar Watsonians
1992-93 M Sinclair EU Alumni
1991-92 (date realignment)  
1990-91 N B Baker Watsonians
1989-90 Miss F Rankin EU Alumni
1988-89 Miss S J Smith EU Alumni
1987-88 D A M McIntosh EU Alumni
1986-87 P Gates Dalkeith Buccleuch
1985-86 Mrs A M Hamilton Eastfield
1984-85 G J B Winch Edinburgh University
1983-84 G Arnot Prestonpans
1982-83 W A Murray Edinburgh University
1981-82 C W C Ogle Edinburgh University
1980-81 A G E Allan Watsonians
1979-80 D Middlemiss Lauder & Oxton
1978-79 D A Nicholson Prestonpans
1977-78 R B Henderson Balerno & Currie
1976-77 F Gifford Edinburgh Citizens
1975-76 J H Hind Edinburgh Civil Service
1974-75 K F Birss George Heriot’s FP
1973-74 W G Gibbon Balerno & Currie
1972-73 H Beveridge Edinburgh Citizens
1971-72 J A Chassels Watsonians
1970-71 unknown  
1969-70 unknown  
1968-69 W F Hamilton Edinburgh University
1967-68 J Eunson Thistle
1966-67 B S Duchart Edinburgh University
1965-66 D Wood Eastfield
1964-65 K F Birss George Heriot’s FP
1963-64 unknown  
1962-63 unknown  
1961-62 unknown  
1960-61 unknown  
1959-60 W McKean Masonic
1958-59  unknown  
1957-58  unknown  
1956-57  J Swan Edinburgh Transport
1955-56  A Stevenson Pathhead
1954-55  W Martin Masonic
1953-54  unknown  
1952-53  W P Anderson Edinburgh Citizens
1951-52 unknown  
1950-51 J Smith Peebles
1949-50 Miss J B English Masonic
1948-49 C Jamieson Dalkeith Buccleuch
1947-48 W A Lamb Commercial Bank
1946-47 A Warwick George Heriot’s FP
1945-46 E H Armitage Edinburgh Citizens
1944-45 D H Stephen Dalkeith
1943-44 W Nicol George Heriot’s FP
1942-43 W McGovern Edinburgh Citizens
1941-42 J McCarry Transport
1940-41 J Waugh Gorebridge


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