The NSRA County Silver Medal: This award is given to the member of any prone county team (including the prone section of any 3P team but excluding Reserves and B or C teams) who has the highest average over all ten rounds in any season.  No person can win it more than once.

County Medal Leaderboard 2020-21
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Rank Name Club Team Rounds shot Average
1 Olley, R EUA MainProne 10 98.50
2 Rees-Lay, Miss H EU MainProne 10 98.00
3 Brett, P WAT MainProne 10 97.90
4 Georgeson, N B&C MainProne 10 97.70
5 Riley, S EUA MainProne 10 97.60
6 Bain, R B&C MainProne 10 96.70
7 Galloway, B MCS JuniorA 10 96.70
8 Sutherland, Ms E WAT Women 10 96.40
9 Sarkar, R EU JuniorA 10 95.80
10 Walker, G B&C MainProne 10 95.50


The final results have just been received and the winner this season is County Captain Rhys Olley. Congratulations to him.

The table includes only confirmed scores from results received from the NSRA for all the prone teams in the county leagues (plus the prone element of the 3P league if shot).  If anyone is in more than one team, their higher/highest average is used. Anyone who misses a round in any team is removed from the list (i.e. all ten rounds must be shot to be eligible for this award).  Previous winners are not considered as this can only be won once by any person.
In the event of a tie, countback will be used to determine the winner.
Click the following link to see the list of previous winners in the archive section.
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