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Edinburgh Civil Service won the first league competition completed during the first full year of the organisation, during 1907 – 1908. Only five of the six clubs founding clubs competed.

                                                        Fired       Won           Lost          Drawn            Points
Edinburgh Civil Service                    8             7                1                  –                    14
The Park Brewery                             8              5                3                 –                    10
Edinburgh Citizens                           8              4                3                 1                     9
Abbey & Holyrood Breweries          8              2                5                 1                     5
Fountain Bridge Breweries              8              1                7                  –                     2

By 1908, reports from the annual meeting indicate that more clubs had made enquiries with the Association, with an additional 13 from large works and firms intending to join.

The number of clubs by 1910 meant that 2 leagues were required (2). The teams were – Abbey & Holyrood Breweries i and ii, Bankers, Bellevue, St Bernard’s, Citizens i and ii, City Service, Civil Service, Duddingston, Edinburgh Roperie, Heriot Brewery, Insurance, Law, Masonic, Newington, Newtongrange, Park Brewery i and ii, Parkside, St Ronans, Thistle and United.

Another of these to join was Edinburgh and District Tramways Company. They set up a miniature rifle club and internally competed for the magnificent silver Hall Blyth Shield at Shrub Hill. The initial winners of this trophy, first presented in 1913, were employees of Tollcross Depot. The Shield was hung at the Depot until the following year when it was won by the Track Workers. Employees of Edinburgh Tramways also competed in events organised by the Association.

(My thanks to Chris O’Brien for supplying this information, gleaned from the Scotsman newspaper archives.)

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