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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2015-16

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Team Captains – please remember the 3 day rule: the scores should be with the shoulder to shoulder secretary within the 3 days of the match being shot, either by traditional postcard signed by both captains on the night, or by both of them emailing in the e-card (see main S/S page for details). The League Secretary also asks that a phone-photo be taken of the scoreboard to act as a backstop for lost results and resolve any issues that may subsequently arise.

Latest News  (Match commentary by the League Secretary)

29/02/2016: Redcraig v George Heriot’s FP.  Redcraig’s Andy Hay is tonight’s high scorer in this match, keeping two of the Matchplay points for his team, but Heriot’s held firm wining the match and taking 6 of the Matchplay points. This was the last match in Division 2. Heriots FP’s have shot consistently well in this division coming out as the Division 2 champions, They therefore still have one match to shoot which is the champion of champions, they wait to see who they shoot against from Division 1.

Tonight’s haul of six Matchplay points means that Heriot’s overtook Redcraig at the last take the Matchplay trophy by only three points.

Perhaps fittingly after this match, the award for the best average in the division goes to Andy Hay with 96.43, with Heriot’s David Aitken second on 95.29.

Match results —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
12/10/2015 Redcraig 39 8 beat Prestonpans 83 0
19/10/2015 Prestonpans 96 2 lost to George Heriot’s FP 43 6
22/10/2015 George Heriot’s FP 41 4 beat Prestonpans 55 4
29/10/2015 Prestonpans 51 3 lost to Redcraig 50 5
05/11/2015 George Heriot’s FP 26 6 beat Redcraig 62 2
09/11/2015 Redcraig 46 8 beat Prestonpans 74 0
26/11/2015 George Heriot’s FP 48 4 lost to Redcraig 39 4
04/01/2016 Prestonpans 46 8 beat George Heriot’s FP DNS 0
11/01/2016 George Heriot’s FP 52 6 beat Prestonpans 58 2
21/01/2016 Prestonpans 73 0 lost to Redcraig 33 8
15/02/2016 Redcraig 70 0 lost to George Heriot’s FP 38 8
29/02/2016 Redcraig 55 2 lost to George Heriot’s FP 46 6

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 George Heriot’s FP 8 6 2 0 12 1094 42.00 40
2 Redcraig 8 5 3 0 10 394 49.25 37
3 Prestonpans 8 1 7 0 2 536 67.00 19
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Previous match commentary:

12/10/2015: Redcraig v Prestonpans. The first match this season had Prestonpans with two newbies, Miss Pips Devonald and Calum Conway, Calum being 14yrs old. It is good to see another lady in the teams and young shooter among his seniors, However Redcraig had a clean sweep in both the match results and match points, Redcraig’s Andy Hay was the high scorer of the evening closely followed by Prestonpans’ M Williamson.

19/10/2015: Prestonpans v George Heriot’s FP. The home team tonight had a hard match with a sudden substitute, and first time shooting in a team, thrown in at the deep end.  Showing that it can be done, Prestonpans’ young 14 year old shooter had the best single card of the night dropping 2 points on his second card, although Heriot’s C W Mackenzie was the top scorer of the evening,  Prestonpans’ G McMillan held onto two of the match play points, However there is a massive difference in score with Heriot’s easily taking this match and six of the match play points,

22/10/2015: George Heriot’s FP v Prestonpans. George Heriots FP had a much closer home match tonight, Captains have paired well giving an even score of 4 match play points for each team, However Heriots FP have just managed to hold off the visiting team tonight and win the match, but only by 6 points. With Heriots’ Dave Aitken as the high scorer of the evening.

29/10/2015: Prestonpans v Redcraig. This is the closest match so far. The visiting team, Redcraig, arrived with one extra man. The home team Prestonpans came out in force, to support the home team. The pairings are quite something here, Prestonpans’ 14 year old, Mr Conway, equalling the score of Redcraig’s veteran Mr A Hay, both dropping 11 points.  Prestonpans’ Mr Williamson was the high scorer of the evening, dropping 1 point on his first card and 3 on his second, Miss Devonald and Mr A McConnell shooting the same dropping 19 points.  This was the way both teams seemed to shoot tonight, but, the visitors managed to just keep ahead with 1 point to win the match and keep 5 of the match play points conceding only 3 to the home team.  This was a good match of equal abilities making it a very close match indeed.

09/11/2015: Redcraig v Prestonpans. Redcraig shooting at home have made this match a walk over, Their C McConnell is the high scorer of the evening,  Prestonpans were unable to get to grips with this evening’s match, giving the match and al 8 match play points away to Redcraig. 

05/11/2015: George Heriot’s FP v Redcraig. Another quick notification of the match result, this gets it onto the web site very quickly, for all to see as the matches are shot, George Heriot’s FP being the home team have really used it to their advantage  Their C Watson is tonight’s high scorer only dropping 2 points on his second card. Redcraig’s Mr Hay came a very close second dropping 5 points between his 2 cards, But the difference in the final score is huge with Heriot’s easily taking this match. Although Andy Hay held onto 2 of the match play points, Heriot’s took the other 6 and an easy win for them tonight.

26/11/2015: George Heriot’s FP v Redcraig. Heriot’s shot at home with a new team member tonight, Redcraig travelled on a dismally wet evening, but found it worth their while, as visitors two of their team A Hay and K Karte were the top equal scorers . The match play points have been shared 4 to each team, But Redcraig proved to be the better team tonight winning the match by 9 points.

11/01/2016: George Heriot’s FP v Prestonpans. Tonight should have been a home match for Heriot’s, on 14/01/16, but being a transient club, they had double booked a match on the 14th and arranged with Prestonpans to shoot their home match at Prestonpans, so although shooting in their home club this is an away match for Prestonpans, They had also agreed that Heriot’s no show match on 04/01/16 that their cards could be shot and accepted. However once at the club, Heriot’s Captain, Mr Mackenzie and their team decided that their was insufficient time to shoot 8 cards each for Heriots and accepted that Prestonpans took the previous week’s match by default. This rescheduled match (for 14/01/16) was then shot, with Heriot’s C Watson being the convincing top scorer of the evening, Heriot’s won the match, also taking 6 of the match play points.

04/01/2016: Prestonpans v George Heriot’s FP. This was a default win for Prestonpans. Heriot’s managed to get their dates mixed up and did not attend. Prestonpans shot their cards to get their overall averages. However, being ever the sporting types, the Captains contacted each other and arranged that Heriot’s home match for 14/11/16 be shot at Prestonpans (more on that on the date) but after deliberation and lack of time Heriot’s Captain and team decided that Prestonpans should take the match as a “No Show” by Heriot’s. The League secretary is assured that all the pies on the evening were eaten by the those attending.

21/01/2016: Prestonpans v Redcraig. This was Prestonpans’ last match for this season, and were beaten with a rather unusual margin on this occasion, Andy Hay was the top scorer of the evening dropping only 1 point between both cards, with a possible on his first card.  Redcraig took the match with a 40 point difference, and took all 8 match play points, A good win for the visiting team.

15/02/2016: Redcraig v George Heriot’s FP. This was a bitterly cold evening that the teams have met on, George Heriot’s FP have stomped home on a win with this match with a massive lead. GHFP’s S R Mackenzie was also the high scorer of the evening, they even took all 8 match play points, a good night worth battling the weather elements for.

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