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Final results for Division 2 in the season 2014-15

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Team Captains – please remember the 3 day rule: the scores should be with the shoulder to shoulder secretary within the 3 days of the match being shot, either by traditional postcard signed by both captains on the night, or by both of them emailing in the e-card (see main S/S page for details). The League Secretary also asks that a phone-photo be taken of the scoreboard to act as a backstop for lost results and resolve any issues that may subsequently arise.

Latest News  (Match commentary by the League Secretary)

26/03/2015: Watsonians B v Prestonpans. Prestonpans have broke their duck and won a match, Charles Guest being the high scorer of the evening, this has been a fairly even match, shown by the Matchplay points which have been shared at 4 each, however Prestonpans have shot well enough to have won tonight’s match

Conclusion: Watsonians B had to win this match to take the title on aggregate from Redcraig, but fell just short to a Prestonpans team that produced its best score of the season.  So, its congratulations to Redcraig on winning the Evening News Cup for the second year in succession, as well as securing the Matchplay trophy by the smallest margin.

As the programme of matches was such that no shooter could shoot the minimum of six matches, there is no award for the best individual average this season.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
30/10/2014 Prestonpans 70 4 lost to Watsonians B 57 4
20/11/2014 Redcraig 55 6 beat Watsonians B 69 2
15/01/2015 Prestonpans 64 2 lost to Redcraig 46 6
26/02/2015 Watsonians B 49 8 beat Redcraig 275 0
02/03/2015 Redcraig 47 7 beat Prestonpans 85 1
26/03/2015 Watsonians B 67 4 lost to Prestonpans 63 4

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Redcraig 4 3 1 0 6 423 105.75 19
2 Watsonians B 4 2 2 0 4 242 60.50 18
3 Prestonpans 4 1 3 0 2 282 70.50 11

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Individual averages

Previous match commentary:

30/10/2014: Prestonpans v Watsonians B.
At last, someone has put a rifle to the shoulder, the first two matches of the season  are to be rearranged, this is the first of both Divisions, Prestonpans’  C Guest and one of the youngest shooters has come out on top with a resounding score, closely followed by Watsonians’ D Gutteridge, is this going to be a little grudge match throughout between them , this we will have to watch for. Both teams on their first card came out shooting well but seem to have eased up on their second. The match play points have been shared on this occasion, 4 each

Well done to the two young shooters,

12th November: Pathhead have intimated that due to the non-availability of team members they have had no choice but to withdraw from the league with immediate effect.  Other matches should be completed as normal. The new Calendar is now available.

20/11/2014: Redcraig v Watsonians B.
This is a busy night tonight for Lothian shooters, both divisions out to play tonight. Here we have Redcraig v Watsonians B
J Cranston of Redcraig is being propped up by the McConnells, pity Dave McConnell didn’t shoot as the whole family would have been out, but Mr Cranston maybe it was you propping up the McConnells, being the high scorer of this match, Redcraig taking 6 of the match play points, but Watsonians  D Gutteridge held on taking 2 of the match play points, Redcraig shooting better have taken the match

15/01/2015: Prestonpans v Redcraig.
Tonight Redcraig arrived 40 minutes early at the venue, all very keen, Mr Cranston arrived last, therefore his team had voted him Captain for the evening in his absence, which was all taken in good humour, They then progressed to take the match with a very clear margin, Prestonpans’ teenage shooter  C Guest is equal with Redcraig’s K Kirk as the top shooters of the night. Young Mr Guest saved Prestonpans” blushes by getting at least two of the match play points, but Redcraig has taken the other six. All then sat round the table and had a right good natter, Mr Williamson doing his best to burn everyone’s fingers with the hottest ever pies served up, overall a very good social evening.

02/03/2015: Redcraig v Prestonpans. Tonight Prestonpans made their way through to their venue at Redcraig , through snow blizzards down to 20mph to get there and found the coldest venue so far, Hats of to both teams for fighting the weather to make it work for all. Mr Cranston for Redcraig came out on top with best score of the evening, the others, judging by the dropped points, must have felt the cold , Redcraig  took all match play points and the match as well.

26/02/2015: Watsonians B v Redcraig. Tonight Watsonians B team were of to a flying start against a 3 man team taking the match with a whopping difference in score with Redcraig being down 200 points before a shot is fired, Watsonians take the match and all 8 match play points, Watsonians also had the highest scorer D Gutteridge,  It was still very sporting of Redcraig to go ahead and shoot even when down a man, Good sportsmanship from the chaps at Redcraig for not cancelling or postponing.

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