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Final results for Division 2 in the season 2013-14

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27/03/2014: Redcraig v Pathhead.
This was the final match of Division 2, a full team of Redcraig travelled out to Pathhead, who unfortunately could only muster 3 members to shoot tonight, given a big disadvantage, However Pathhead’s captain has cleverly placed his team and managed to take 5 of the 8 match play points. Pathhead’s A Parlett was the high scorer of the evening, but all this is not enough to take the match when a man down, letting Redcraig steal the match and keep 3 match play points.

Congratulations to Redcraig on becoming the Division 2 champions for 2013-14, winning the Evening News Shield.  The Matchplay trophy, however, goes to Pathhead after their captain’s astute arrangements in the last match, snatching it away from the overall league winners by a single point.

Alistair Parlett of Pathhead wins the medal for the  top average in the division with 96.56, followed by  Laura MacNeil of Watsonians with 95.19.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
24/10/2013 Watsonians B 239 3 drew with Redcraig 239 3
28/10/2013 Pathhead 42 4 lost to Redcraig 39 4
21/11/2013 Watsonians B 57 2 lost to Pathhead 50 6
02/12/2013 Pathhead 44 4 lost to Watsonians B 40 4
28/12/2013 Redcraig 41 4 beat Watsonians B 52 4
13/01/2014 Pathhead 49 4 beat Watsonians B 238 4
23/01/2014 Watsonians B 95 4 beat Redcraig 228 4
27/01/2014 Redcraig 48 6 beat Pathhead 57 2
13/02/2014 Redcraig 46 6 beat Watsonians B 244 2
06/03/2014 Watsonians B 47 2 lost to Pathhead 35 6
10/03/2014 Pathhead 42 4 lost to Redcraig 40 4
27/03/2014 Redcraig 59 3 beat Pathhead 239 5

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Redcraig 8 6 1 1 13 740 92.5 34
2 Pathhead 8 3 5 0 6 558 69.75 35
3 Watsonians B 8 2 5 1 5 1012 126.5 25


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Previous match commentary:

24/10/2013: Watsonians B v Redcraig.
Redcraig were at an immediate disadvantage with being one man down in this match, but showed good sportsmanship by attending rather than cancelling at the last minute. The high scorer being Mrs Dove dropping only 6 points. However Redcraig although disadvantaged still took 1 of the matchplay points.
However Watsonians have taken this match with a large difference in score.

Revised result:
In this match with Watsonians and  Redcraig on 24/10/13, both teams were a man down,  Mrs Dove who has worked hard at getting two teams into the league, decided to make up her clubs team into a team of 4 and shot the match.
She has realised that she is registered with the A team and has noticed that according to the rules she is prohibited from shooting in the B Team and that her average is higher than the one she substituted.
On noticing the breach of rules she immediately contacted the shoulder to shoulder secretary informing him of this and has requested that her score in this match be removed with the scores to be adjusted accordingly.
This is commendable sportsmanship, on realising the error and having it repaired at her own request.
The match scores have been changed to show the amended score and result. Which is a draw, under the circumstances a very good result.

28/10/2013: Pathhead v Redcraig.
This was almost a family affair with Redcraig, with J Cranston making up the numbers but coming in with the highest score for the team, Another very close match, but A Partlett for Pathhead had the lowest dropped points, Redcraig won the match but have had to share equally the match play points,

21/11/2013: Watsonians B v Pathhead.
A really tight match this one, well matched against each other, Watsonians B is an entirely new team to shoulder to shoulder, yet held out well against the more experienced Pathhead, however, Pathhead have used this to their advantage with A Partlett having the highest score of the match  and Pathhead stealing away 6 of the match play points and taking the match.

02/12/2013: Pathhead v Watsonians B.
Another very close match, Division 2 are all very well matched. The top scores were tied , J Scott for Pathhead, L MacNeill for Watsonians  B, however on the first card L MacNeill dropped no points, even the match play points have been share at 4 each. But Watsons have taken the match, but only by 4 points.

28/12/2013: Redcraig v Watsonians B.
This is an extremely well matched pair of clubs, they have shared the match play points, 4 each,  With Redcraig Andy Hay being the high scorer here tonight, his team having fewer dropped points have won the match.

13/01/2014: Pathhead v Watsonians B.
This is the first match of the year, Watsonians braved the night with only a 3 man team, but have still managed to share the Matchplay points equally at 4 each team, High scorer was Watsons’ G Neill but 1 man down gave an inevitable result with Pathhead taking the match with a whopping difference

23/01/2014: Watsonians B v Redcraig.

D McConnell and G Neill are equal high scorers  here & for opposing teams, but t the match play points go to Dave McConnell. the match play points have been shared between the two teams, Tactical placing by Redcraig as a 3 man team meant they were down 200 points before squeezing a trigger. The may have lost the Match to Watsonians B but shared the match play points.


27/01/2014: Redcraig v Pathhead.

The pairings are well matched here, A Partlett for Pathhead was the high scorer of the evening, and held onto 2 match play points for his team, However  Redcraig have held onto this match taking 6 of the match play points, and the match with a decisive total


13/02/2014: Redcraig v Watsonians B.

Tonight Redcraig or should we say the McConnell family had a night out, could do very little else but win this match, as Watsonians were a man down, But Watsonians especially their mentor, Mrs Dove, have got to be praised, 3 men (also taken as women, got to be PC these days) who didn’t give in. Watsonians have managed to keep 2 match play points and had the highest score of the evening with Dave McConnell expressing “Laura MacNeill’s possible was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.” A very decisive win with the match going to Redcraig.


06/03/2014: Watsonians B v Pathhead.

This match was shot on 6th March, the result did not reach the secretary till the 16th, presumably lost in the post or the digital ether.

A Parlett  of Pathhead was the high scorer of the evening, Pathhead have taken 6 of the match play points. G McDougal scored well for Watsonians B retaining two of the Match Play points,

However Pathhead have taken this match with a reasonable margin


10/03/2014: Pathhead v Redcraig.

Another extremely close played match with only 2 points in the total, Redcraig’s K Kirk being the top scorer tonight, A Parlett was Pathhead’s top scorer, both taking 2 match play points each, leaving the other to share the match play points , 1 each as both pairing drew. Redcraig took the match, but had to settle with 4 match play points for each team  Well matched teams.