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Final results for Division 2 in the season 2012-13

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08/04/2013: Pathhead B v Heriots.
The final match of league Division 2  took place tonight at the home club of Pathhead,  3 competitors all having the lowest score of 6, however Heriots’ C Watson had only dropped 1 point on his first card and D Aitken having two threes, Pathhead’s A Parlett dropping only two points on his second card.  A well matched set of competitors, sharing the Matchplay points 4 to each team. But, Heriots pulled out the stops to have a lower set of dropped points and taking the match.

We can now look forward to the match of the Champion of Champions.


Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
15/10/2012 Pathhead B 38 (4) beat Redcraig 57 (4)
08/11/2012 Heriots 35 (6) beat Redcraig 57 (2)
12/11/2012 Heriots 33 (8) beat Prestonpans 59 (0)
22/11/2012 Heriots 21 (7) beat Pathhead B 43 (1)
06/12/2012 Prestonpans 44 (0) lost to Heriots 35 (8)
17/12/2012 Prestonpans 77 (2) lost to Pathhead B 50 (6)
28/01/2013 Prestonpans 75 (3) lost to Redcraig 55 (5)
18/02/2013 Pathhead B 44 (6) beat Prestonpans 49 (2)
25/02/2013 Redcraig 48 (4) beat Heriots 49 (4)
11/03/2013 Redcraig 50 (6) beat Prestonpans 62 (2)
25/03/2013 Redcraig 240 (4) beat Pathhead B 246 (2)
08/04/2013 Pathhead B 42 (4) lost to Heriots 32 (4)

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Heriots 6 5 1 0 10 205 34.17 37
2 Redcraig 6 4 2 0 8 507 84.50 25
3 Pathhead B 6 3 3 0 6 463 77.17 23
4 Prestonpans 6 0 6 0 0 366 61.00 9

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Click here to see the individual averages for this division (pdf file).

Previous match commentaries:

15/10/12 Pathhead B v Redcraig
The new season has started off with a match in Division 2
Pathheads’ Mr Edlmann having the top score of the evening, he and D Barbieri taking match points Redcraigs  A Hay  and D McConnell,  being the top scorers in their team and taking the match points from A Partlett and J Scott.

08/11/2012: Heriots v Redcraig.
Heriots again making a tremendous effort at the start of the season in defeating the 3/4 McConnell Team. SR MacKenzie  making a racing start with 1 dropped point against K Kirk of Redcraigs dropped 10. With Heriots taking the match and 6 match points, Dave McConnell managed to snatch 2 match points from Dave Aitken to avoid the whitewash.

12/11/2012: Heriots v Prestonpans
Heriots are at it again, shooting so well that one wonders if they should be in the 1st division, again we see only 1 dropped point on one of the cards, but closer scrutiny see the fluctuation in certain shooters, however this time against Prestonpans it is a clean sweep taking all 8 match points, but Prestonpans 2  junior members Mr Guest and Mr Hitchen giving excellent support to the two older members of their team, all their scores being very closely matched, but still out-shot on this occasion by the experienced Heriots,

22/11/2012: Heriots v Pathhead B.

This is one of the matches whose emailed results went into the cyber ether.

Heriots shooting at home have made a very determined effort here with less than have the dropped shots of their opponents, S R MacKenzie having the perfect score on both cards, and being the top scorer of the evening. J Scott of Pathhead B team just manages to squeeze a single match point from Mr D Aitken, Heriots here have taken a very decisive victory.


06/12/2012: Prestonpans v Heriots.

This is one of the matches where scores have been erroneously entered. Heriots challenged the scores previously shown and on checking, the correct result is now given, Therefore unfortunately Prestonpans did not win this match , although they did try very hard but were still beaten and Heriots took all 8 match points The high scorer being S R McKenzie, the secretary extends his apologies to both clubs and Captains, and to the Web Master for the confusion.


17/12/2012: Prestonpans v Pathhead B.

Shooting at home, Prestonpans should have had the advantage this evening,  but for some unkown reason  seem to drop points  when needed during a match, losing this match with 77 dropped points to Pathhead Bs 50. Pathhead take 6 match points leaving it up to the  youngest Pans’ member to retain two of the match points and be their highest scorer.  J Scott of Pathhead having the highest score of the evening, Patthead B have a convincing win tonight.


28/01/2013: Prestonpans v Redcraig

This is the first match of the new year for the Div’ 2 teams Prestonpans top scorer being M Williamson with young C Guest very close on his heels, The top scores for Redcraig being J Cranston and I Ramsay both with equal scores within their team. The first detail being very close but Redcraig streaked away in the second details giving them the match with a considerable lead, also gaining 5 match points to Prestonpans 3.

18/02/2013: Pathhead B v Prestonpans
Tonight’s match is another close one, A good close well matched group, Prestonpans really trying to climb the ladder but always pipped at the post. Tonight’s top scorer is A Parlett closely followed by Prestonpans junior shooter, C Guest, being the Prestonpans top scorer and second top of the match, taking the only 2 match points for Prestonpans.  But Pathhead B, proved to be the better team, with the fewer dropped points and 6 of the 8 match points.

25/02/2013: Redcraig v Heriots.
This has to be the closest match in Division two with 1 point between the teams and a draw on match points. The Top scorer of the evening S Mackenzie in the losing team. Yet Redcraig dropped 1 point overall taking tonight’s match.

A close watch needs to be kept on division 2 as now only 3 matches left to be shot which will be vital in the final stages

11/03/2013: Redcraig v Prestonpans.
This was Prestonpans final match of the season, they can only do better next year,  Redcraig took tonight’s match with a convincing score and also taking 6 of the 8 match points, A Gundlach managing to hold onto 2 of them. Redcraig’s I Ramsay was the highest scores in both rounds only dropping 2 points in the first  round and a perfect score on the second card, a score which pulled the match to Redcraig’s possession.

25/03/2013: Redcraig v Pathhead B.
This was a new game, both teams a man down, But they still made a determined effort to have a good match, or was it the expected fare that brought them together. Whatever it was, Redcraig’s A Hay made a valiant effort and was the highest scorer of the evening.It was still a close match with only 6 dropped points in it.  Unfortunately 2 match points are also lost for the player who did not shoot tonight. Redcraig proved to be the better team here taking the match and 4 of the match points.

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