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Final results for Division 2 in the season 2006-07

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1/3/07: In the final match of the league programme, Lauder cemented their place at the top of the league with a convincing home win over Prestonpans.  Only Dougie Duff for the visitors put up any resistance with 193, but the home team did very well with Jim Michael putting in a steady 197 to top the home team’s scores.

Match results so far —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
12/10/2006 George Heriot’s FP B 82 (2) lost to Lauder & Selkirk 54 (6)
19/10/2006 Prestonpans 46 (6) beat George Heriot’s FP B 267 (2)
02/11/2006 George Heriot’s FP B 75 (4) lost to Prestonpans 58 (4)
10/11/2006 Lauder & Selkirk 25 (8) beat Prestonpans 59 (0)
16/11/2006 Prestonpans 78 (4) beat George Heriot’s FP B 91 (4)
21/11/2006 Prestonpans 60 (2) lost to Lauder & Selkirk 32 (6)
28/11/2006 Lauder & Selkirk 93 (6) lost to George Heriot’s FP B 90 (2)
07/12/2006 George Heriot’s FP B 125 (0) lost to Lauder & Selkirk 39 (8)
18/01/2007 George Heriot’s FP B 60 (5) beat Prestonpans 62 (3)
26/01/2007 Prestonpans 85 (0) lost to Lauder & Selkirk 31 (8)
30/01/2007 Lauder & Selkirk 20 (7) beat George Heriot’s FP B 57 (1)
08/02/2007 George Heriot’s FP B 61 (4) beat Prestonpans 64 (4)
16/02/2007 Lauder & Selkirk 29 (8) beat Prestonpans 63 (0)
26/02/2007 Lauder & Selkirk 20 (8) beat George Heriot’s FP B 63 (0)
01/03/2007 Prestonpans 63 (0) lost to Lauder & Selkirk 26 (8)

That completes the programme.  Congratulations to Lauder on their wins in both the League and the Matchplay.

League Table

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Lauder & Selkirk 10 9 1 0 18 369 36.90 73
2 Prestonpans 10 3 7 0 6 638 63.80 23
3 George Heriot’s FP B 10 3 7 0 6 971 97.10 24


Click here to see the individual averages for this division (pdf file)

Previous Commentary:
12/10/06: The first match of the season saw Lauder & Selkirk easily take the points from Heriot’s B on 12th Oct after their trip to Edinburgh.  Jim Michael of Lauder topped the individual scorers with 4 points dropped, with Heriot’s Colin Aitken next with 6, Everybody else was in double figures. .Colin took the home team’s only Matchplay points, against an off-form Bill Vaughan.

19/10/06: Heriot’s could only raise a team of three for their visit to Prestonpans on the 19th, so the home team easily took the points.  Top scorer in the match was Dougie Duff of the ‘Pans with 194, with Charlie Mackenzie sneaking two Matchplay points for the visitors

.2/11/06: Prestonpans repeated their win against Heriot’s of a couple of weeks ago, this this time as the Away team.  Heriot’s had a full complement of shooters for this match, but could do nothing to stop the visitors taking the points.  The Matchplay points were shared, however.  Charlie Mackenzie for Heriot’s (195) and Dougie Duff and Alan Gundlach for the ‘Pans (both 189) were the teams’ top scorers

10/11/06: Lauder easily overcame visitors Prestonpans, with the home team scoring steadily and improving a massive 29 points over their score in their previous match.  Jim Michael continued his run of good form with an excellent 98,100 and leads the Division 2 averages table.  For the visitors, Messrs Duff and Buchanan were best with 189s.  Lauder took all eight Matchplay points.

16/11/06: Prestonpans took the points off Heriot’s B in a very low-scoring match. Only 7 of the 16 cards were in the 90s.  The Matchplay points were shared. Top scorer for the home team was again Dougie Duff, with 195, and for the visitors Charlie Mackenzie topped their scores with 187. The ‘Pans might lead the division but Lauder have two matches in hand, so  if they want to keep their lead then they have to beat Lauder on the 21st.

21/11/06: Lauder visited Prestonpans in a match the home team had to win to keep their title challenge alive.  Alas the visitors had it (almost) all their own way, winning by quite a margin.  The only success for Prestonpans was Dougie Duff top-scoring their team with 194 and taking their only Matchplay points of the evening by a point from Jim Michael.  John Milne topped the Lauder scores with 195, including the best card of the match of 99.  Looks like Lauder are heading to win this division unless the other teams can improve their performances.

28/11/06: What an incredible match!  Bottom-placed Heriot’s visited league leaders Lauder and won their first match this season.  There were only three points in it, but the totals were highly unusual to say the least.  This must be the lowest-scoring match on record as the visitors took the points 90 off to 93 off.  One of the home team’s shooters had a disaster of a night, with his team-mates showing average form, but most of the Heriot’s shooters were well below par too.  Top scorer in the match was Selkirk’s Bill Vaughan with 95, 100 and for the visitors it was Chris Brown again with 189.

7/12//06: Well what can I say?  Lauder visited Heriot’s for a return match between top and bottom teams.  The result reversed the previous shock result, but Heriot’s shot themselves in the foot a bit.  Introducing newcomers to the the team is always risky and it didn’t pay off for them this time.  Still, it gives experience. Bill Vaughan was top for the visitors with 196, and Charlie Mackenzie was the best of the home bunch with 187.

18/1/07: The  first match of the New Year saw a narrow home win for Heriot’s over Prestonpans, and only their second victory in seven matches after their shock win against league leaders Lauder in November.  The home team had a narrow advantage of the Matchplay Points too.  Best scorer for the winners was David Aitken with a steady 195, and an up-and-down 194 for W Buchanan was the visitors’ top score.

26/1/07: Prestonpans went down to a heavy defeat at home to Lauder.  Only Dougie Duff for the ‘Pans put up any resistance with a 192, and Bill Vaughan’s 198 (including a ton) led the way for the visitors, who took all 8 Matchplay points too.

30/1/07: Lauder’s second match in four days saw them at home to Heriot’s, and they improved on their previously good form, taking the points easily with the best total in the division this season by some way, and despite Heriot’s having their best score so far too.  Bill Vaughan continued his good run with another 198.  Charlie Mackenzie was top for the Edinburgh team with 195, and managed to sneak his side’s only Matchplay point.

8/2/07: Heriot’s entertained Prestonpans and won a nail-biter by only three points and drawing level with them in the League.  As befits such a close match the Matchplay points were shared 4-all.  David Aitken improved his average with an excellent 197, while best for the visitors was Dougie Duff with 193.

16/2/07: Prestonpans made the trip south over Soutra to take on league-leaders Lauder & Selkirk, but came away with nothing to show for it.  The home team put in a Division 1-grade score with Bill Vaughan leading the way with 197 to take the points easily. The’ Pans hit their average score exactly but it just wasn’t enough and leaves them scrapping for second place in the league with Heriot’s.  Both of them still have to shoot against the league leaders in the last two matches of the programme, so they could end up level on points. Best for the  visitors was Dougie Duff with 190.

26/2/07: Lauder welcomed Heriot’s to their cosy little range and rewarded them for their trip by taking all the points. Hope the pies made up for it. The runaway league-leaders equalled their best score of the season (also achieved against Heriot’s three weeks ago), while the visitors, it has to be said, struggled somewhat. Top scorer for Lauder was Bill Vaughan with a fine 198, while David Aitken topped the visitors’ list with a steady 195.

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