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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2015-16

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Team Captains – please remember the 3 day rule: the scores should be with the shoulder to shoulder secretary within the 3 days of the match being shot, either by traditional postcard signed by both captains on the night, or by both of them emailing in the e-card (see main S/S page for details). The League Secretary also asks that a phone-photo be taken of the scoreboard to act as a backstop for lost results and resolve any issues that may subsequently arise.

Latest News  (Match commentary by the League Secretary)

04/03/2016: Selkirk v Watsonians. Selkirk travelled (sic) tonight determined, with their K Nixon dropping only 1 point between both cards and being the highest scorer, clearly both teams were well matched, with the result being a draw. Selkirk still have a match in hand which has this division on tenterhooks, The final result relies on Selkirk’s last match.

11/03/2016: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie. This was the last match tonight for Division 1, first place depended wholly on tonight’s result, The high scorer tonight was Selkirk’s K Nixon, Selkirk have taken the match, giving a final count of points for the season of 10, tying with Watsonians.  However their superior gunscore, makes Selkirk the Champions of Division 1. .Selkirk have tonight taken 6 of the Matchplay points giving 1 Matchplay point more than Watsonians at the final count,

The highest overall average for Division 1 is Watsonians D Caughey with 1.25, closely followed by Selkirk’s K Nixon with 1.88.

The captains of the Divisional Champions, Heriot’s and Selkirk, now have to arrange a match at a neutral club for the Champion of Champions match.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
15/10/2015 Watsonians 25 6 beat Selkirk 28 2
30/10/2015 Selkirk 32 6 beat Balerno & Currie 35 2
06/11/2015 Selkirk 33 5 drew with Watsonians 33 3
12/11/2015 Balerno & Currie 40 0 lost to Selkirk 19 8
17/11/2015 Watsonians 25 6 beat Balerno & Currie 37 2
28/01/2016 Watsonians 17 6 beat Balerno & Currie 33 2
02/02/2016 Watsonians 19 5 beat Selkirk 27 3
11/02/2016 Balerno & Currie 39 3 lost to Selkirk 28 5
18/02/2016 Balerno & Currie 30 4 beat Watsonians 215 4
19/02/2016 Balerno & Currie 31 4 beat Watsonians 216 4
04/03/2016 Selkirk 23 4 drew with Watsonians 23 4
11/03/2016 Selkirk 32 6 beat Balerno & Currie 47 2

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Selkirk 8 4 2 2 10 222 27.75 39
2 Watsonians 8 4 2 2 10 573 71.63 38
3 Balerno & Currie 8 2 6 0 4 292 36.50 19

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Individual averages

Previous match commentary:

30/10/2015: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie. An early return from the Selkirk match, showing photo and emailing to work, the results are with the league secretary probably before the visiting team even left the club and certainly before they got home.  It is good to see the scores so close this season, This has been another close match between teams, the home team have shot well but the visitors, Balerno and Currie have just crept into the lead by 2 points, Selkirk’s K Nixon is the top scorer here tonight, but the visitors have kept the home team at bay to win the match, However  the home team kept 6 of the match play points only conceding 2,

15/10/2015: Watsonians v Selkirk. The seasons kicked of last night with Div 2’s first match, followed tonight by Div 1’s first match, with Watsonians versus Selkirk, this has been a very close match and pairings well chosen by the captains, if thinking about the match play points. Watsonians’ D Caughey was the top scorer tonight only dropping 2 points on 1 card the other card being a perfect score. Selkirk’s K Nixon dropped 6 points on his first card but he too had the perfect second card, but Selkirk could not hold Watsonians back who took the match with a very close 3 points. Watsonians took 6 of the match points with Selkirk’s K Nixon keeping 2 for his team,  A good close shot match.

06/11/2015: Selkirk v Watsonians.  Results on this one were a bit late in arriving, both team captains assumed the other had sent the scores to the league secretary.  Please note it is the home team’s captain’s responsibility to ensure the scores as sent timeously and in any event within the 3 day rule.  If received outwith the 3 days the league secretary may award the match and all points to the visiting team as a “walkover”, it is therefore in the interest of the home club to have the scores in on time.

Both teams tonight have been well matched as a team, this shows as the match has been a draw, However Selkirk  have come out on top with the match play points with 5 to Watsonians 3, We have 3 shooters holding the top shooters position ,  Messrs Vaughan, and Nixon from Selkirk and D Caughey of Watsonians all dropped 4 points each, But K Nixon did have a card with only 1 point dropped.  A good even match

12/11/2015: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk. Please note it is the home team’s captain’s responsibility to ensure the scores as sent timeously and in any event within the 3 day rule.  If received outwith the 3 days the league secretary may award the match and all points to the visiting team as a “walkover, it is therefore in the interest of the home club to have the scores in on time.

Tonight Selkirk travelled up from the Scottish Borders to show that they can still put up a good fight, They have  had a very good night winning the match and all 8 match play points. The veteran shooter Bill Vaughan again showing age is no barrier to shooting only dropping 1 point on each card and being the high scorer of the evening.

17/11/2015: Watsonians v Balerno & Currie. Tonight Watsonians have pulled out the stops against Balerno and Currie, winning the match with a difference of 12 points, Watsonians’ R Thomson and D Caughey are tonight’s high scorers, with Thomson dropping only 1 point on his first card, Watsonians also took 6 of the match play points, leaving Balerno and Currie’s N Georgeson to hold onto 2 of the match play points.

28/01/2016: Watsonians v Balerno & Currie. A very quick match tonight, results with the league secretary by 21:30, Oh the advantage of WiFi. Balerno and Currie travelled in a very dismal evening with heavy rain making it a miserable start for them, this appears to have put them out of sorts, loosing with a fairly large margin to the home team Watsonians, Watsonians’ D Caughey dropping only 3 points between his two cards is the top scorer of the evening. Watsonians also took 6 of the match play points, but Balerno and Currie’s N Georgeson and M Sinclair did not let all the points run away, they managed to retain 1 match point each for their team but Watsonian take this match tonight with a 16 point lead.

02/02/2016: Watsonians v Selkirk. Watsonians being the home team, have taken full advantage of their home turf with their D Caughey hitting a possible on both cards, subsequently being the top scorer of the evening, Also good pairings which shows evenly matched pairs, However Watsonians had the advantage as Selkirk have had to travel a fair bit before coming into shoot, Watsons pressed this home winning the match with 8 points a difference and taking 5 of the match play points.

11/02/2016: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk. Apologies for the late results, but the scores were only received by the league secretary on 22/02/2016, more than a week outwith the 3 day rule (rule 20).
Selkirk did not waste their time in travelling for this match, their K Nixon was the high scorer of the evening only dropping 2 points over 2 cards, both being on his second card. Selkirk also took 5 of the match play points winning both the match and the Matchplay league points.

18/02/2016: Balerno & Currie v Watsonians. This was the first of a double headed match tonight, this match was rescheduled from 02/12/15. Watsonians turned up with a 3 man team, immediately meaning they would loose the match. Rather than BCRC just claiming the match they sportingly shot against Watsonians who had taking the time to attend with what team members they could muster. Watsonians’ P Brett was the high scorer of the evening, he and his team mate R Thomson claimed 4 Matchplay points between them. However the four man team having the advantage of 200 extra points have won the match

18/02/2016: Balerno & Currie v Watsonians. This was the 2nd match of the double headed match for tonight, and again Watsonians shot with a 3 man team, this has been a clever move by them; they may have lost the match due to being a man short and conceding 200 points for the match but have again taken half the available match play points.

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