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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2014-15

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Team Captains – please remember the 3 day rule: the scores should be with the shoulder to shoulder secretary within the 3 days of the match being shot, either by traditional postcard signed by both captains on the night, or by both of them emailing in the e-card (see main S/S page for details). The League Secretary also asks that a phone-photo be taken of the scoreboard to act as a backstop for lost results and resolve any issues that may subsequently arise.

Latest News  (Match commentary by the League Secretary)

27/03/2015: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie. Unfortunately Balerno and Currie were unable to raise a team for their final match against Selkirk, very sportingly they have conceded the match in favour of Selkirk. However  had  Selkirk shot,  Keith Nixon or Alan Anderson  would have been contesting for the top average award. 

27/03/2015: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie – revision. Selkirk’s scores arrived a day late, however the scores were put on without hearing from Selkirk, the assumption was that they had not shot, this changes the whole spectrum of scores and averages.

Selkirk are still the league winners, but Keith Nixon has the best average over all the matches. Bill Vaughan was top of the lists but he did not shoot the minimum number of matches to qualify.

Conclusion: Selkirk with the Younger Shield for the first time since 2011 with an unbeaten record, also taking the Matchplay trophy by some margin.  Congratulations to them.  Watsonians took the runner-up spot from Balerno. 

The top average award for the division and the Heyhoe Cup for the best average in the league goes to Keith Nixon (Selkirk) so well done to him.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
30/10/2014 Selkirk 22 7 beat George Heriot’s FP 31 1
13/11/2014 George Heriot’s FP 30 6 beat Watsonians A 39 2
20/11/2014 George Heriot’s FP 45 2 lost to Balerno & Currie 39 6
04/12/2014 George Heriot’s FP 40 2 lost to Selkirk 34 6
11/12/2014 Balerno & Currie 25 5 drew with Watsonians A 25 3
15/01/2015 Balerno & Currie 27 6 beat George Heriot’s FP 36 2
29/01/2015 Watsonians A 25 5 beat George Heriot’s FP 29 3
10/02/2015 Selkirk 22 6 beat Watsonians A 27 2
26/02/2015 Balerno & Currie 37 1 lost to Selkirk 24 7
05/03/2015 Watsonians A 26 5 beat Balerno & Currie 35 3
12/03/2015 Watsonians A 28 4 lost to Selkirk 27 4
27/03/2015 Selkirk W/O 8 beat Balerno & Currie DNS 0

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Selkirk 6 6 0 0 12 129 25.80 38
2 Watsonians A 6 2 3 1 5 170 28.33 21
3 Balerno & Currie 6 2 3 1 5 963 32.60 21
4 George Heriot’s FP 6 1 5 0 2 211 35.17 16


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Individual averages  

Previous match commentary:

15/10/2015: Watsonians A v Balerno & Currie
The programme in this division got off to a great start when there was confusion over the date for the first match.  Watsonians (and the League Secretary) thought it was the 15th and turned up at their range at the appointed time, but Balerno completely misread their calendar and thought it was the 16th so didn’t turn up then. Watsonians as the home team could have claimed the points for a no-show by the opposition, but have very sportingly agreed to rearrange the match.

30/10/2014: Selkirk v George Heriot’s FP.
A very well balanced set of pairings here, It seems the Captains have given this some thought, as to who was going to be paired with who. Selkirk’s K Nixon, being the high scorer tonight, dropping only one point between both cards, with  his team mate, W Vaughan, and Heriots’ Dave Aitken hot on his heels, But Selkirk still took the match and have taken 7 of the match play points, Selkirk once again as usual off to a good start.

20/11/2014: George Heriot’s FP v Balerno & Currie.
A busy night tonight with both divisions out playing, Here we have George Heriots FP at home v Balerno and Currie, B&C are shooting well here, being the away team have 3 of the top scorers all with 5 off each , However George Heriots CW Mackenzie saves their pride by taking two of the match play points, but Balerno and Currie have won the match and taken 6 of the match play points

13/11/2014: George Heriot’s FP v Watsonians A.
George Heriots FP were the one that were worried about being in division 1, with results like tonight’s , there appears little to fear, their S R Mackenzie is the high scorer of the evening, if the captain , had a slightly different pairing they would have taken all 8 match points, but Watsonians A, A Dove  has taken 2 of the match points,  But George Heriots took the match.

04/12/2014: George Heriot’s FP v Selkirk
A well matched set of shooters tonight, Selkirk’s A Anderson is the clear top scorer of the night,  in fact, Selkirk have 3 of the high scorers in their team, and being the away team, so at a slight disadvantage.   Heriots shot well but were still kept at bay by Selkirk, who have taken 6 of the match play points and the match.

11/12/2014: Balerno & Currie v Watsonians A.
An  incredibly close match here, The captains have been careful to place the teams against similar shooters ability, Balerno and Curries, N Georgeson and  Watsons  J R Brown being equal top shots both dropping 2 points on their first card and 1 on the second,  Balerno and Currie squeezing out the extra match play points taking  5 opposed to Watsons 3, but the match is a draw , good shooting by both clubs.

This is a second request, Can captains please have the match results to the secretary in the time allowed by the rules,

29/01/2015: Watsonians A v George Heriot’s FP.
Another very close match here tonight, The high scorer of the evening being Watsonians, D Caughey, he also took 2 match play points against his opposite opponent.  The others of his team also demanding a further 3 of the match play points, However the home team proved the better shooters to take the match with 25 points to 29.

15/01/2015: Balerno & Currie v George Heriot’s FP.
Balerno and Currie being the home team, had the advantage tonight and have made good use if it, their Mr Bruce is the high scorer of the evening  with his team taking 6 of the match play points. Heriots  C Watson retaining 2 of the match play points,  Heriots  played a close game, but Balerno and Currie proved to be the better shots this  time , taking the match.

10/02/2015: Selkirk v Watsonians A. Selkirk being the home team were out to make sure they were going to win on home turf, Mr Vaughan showing he is still the master dropping only 1 point between both cards and being the top shot of the night, Selkirk’s careful placings have given them 6 of the match play points, Watsonians Mr Brown holding onto 2 the other 2 match play points for his team and being Watsonians high scorer.  So far Selkirk have won their last 3 matches including tonight’s, can they keep this up?

05/03/2015: Watsonians A v Balerno & Currie. The hosts tonight have really come out on top , 3 of their team being the high scorers with their Dave Caughey being the top shot dropping only 2 points and taking 2 match play points, their James Brown dropping 3 points and taking another 2 of the match play points,  and Mrs Dove taking another,  Watsonians have also taken the match with a 10 point difference,  Although Watsonians A still have a match in hand it is unlikely that Selkirk can be caught as they to have a match in hand.

26/02/2015: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk. Tonight Selkirk have shown their expertise, with their Veteran shooter, Bill Vaughan having the best score of the evening, their team taking  7 of the match play points, leaving Balerno and Currie’s, A Robertson, to carve back that 1 match play point, Selkirk have taken the match with a fairly large margin

12/03/2015: Watsonians A v Selkirk.  An incredibly close match here , Watsonians A determined not to let Selkirk have it all their own way, with Watsons D Caughey being the high scorer, dropping only 1 point between the two cards, with Selkirk’s W Vaughan being very close behind dropping 1 point on each card, The whole match was so close that there is only 1 point difference, in  the match, but Selkirk held off the opposition taking the match. The Matchplay  points were equally divided with 4 points each, Good shooting by all tonight.

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