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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2013-14

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28/3//2014: George Heriot’s FP v Selkirk.
This is one of the many postponements in this division, being shot on 03/04/14.
Selkirk making their journey well worth while but still have yet another match to shoot for the final one of the season, this penultimate one shows S R Mackenzie for the home team and W Vaughan of Selkirk being the high scorers of the evening both only dropping 1 point and both taking 2 match play points for their efforts. However this was the only 2 MP points for the home team Selkirk took the rest and the match with impressive shooting, the long journey seems to be doing them good . But with only 1 match left Selkirk will not be able to catch Watsonians A team.

29/03/2014: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie.
Apologies for this late inclusion, the scores were apparently lost in post or in the digital ether, thankfully Colin Watson retained a photographic copy of the scores, this shows the need to post/email the scores as soon as practicable to the shoulder to shoulder secretary rather than retain to send in a bundle. The right date of the match shot is uncertain but near the end of March.
Selkirk shot well with Bill Vaughan being the high scorer, Selkirk also took 6 of the match play points and won the match. However this excellent shooting has come to late in the season and  has not changed the eventual outcome whereby Watsonians A team still wins the league, winning the Younger Trophy and the Match Play Trophy. 

Well done to all participants and teams. We hope to see them and others again next season.

Watsonians retain the Younger Shield, and also take the Matchplay Trophy.

The winner of the Hayhoe Cup for the top average in the league goes to Alan Anderson, with 98.37. just pipping Watsonians’ James Brown on 98.36.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
10/10/2013 Watsonians A 28 3 lost to Selkirk 22 5
17/10/2013 George Heriot’s FP 22 2 lost to Watsonians A 20 6
04/11/2013 George Heriot’s FP 26 2 lost to Selkirk 16 6
15/11/2013 Selkirk 17 6 beat Balerno & Currie 39 2
18/11/2013 George Heriot’s FP 48 4 lost to Balerno & Currie 29 4
28/11/2013 Watsonians A 16 8 beat George Heriot’s FP 39 0
12/12/2013 Balerno & Currie 33 4 beat George Heriot’s FP 36 4
09/01/2014 Watsonians A 15 6 beat George Heriot’s FP 25 2
13/01/2014 George Heriot’s FP 32 2 lost to Balerno & Currie 27 6
23/01/2014 George Heriot’s FP 33 2 lost to Watsonians A 14 6
30/01/2014 Balerno & Currie 33 6 beat George Heriot’s FP 68 2
31/01/2014 Selkirk 31 2 lost to Watsonians A 17 6
06/02/2014 Watsonians A 19 4 beat Selkirk 21 4
13/02/2014 Balerno & Currie 29 3 lost to Watsonians A 24 5
18/02/2014 Watsonians A 22 6 beat Balerno & Currie 47 2
21/02/2014 Selkirk 23 2 lost to Watsonians A 17 6
06/03/2014 Balerno & Currie 31 2 lost to Selkirk 12 6
07/03/2014 Balerno & Currie 25 2 lost to Selkirk 16 6
13/03/2014 Balerno & Currie 40 2 lost to Watsonians A 25 6
20/03/2014 Watsonians A 21 6 beat Balerno & Currie 26 2
23/03/2014 Selkirk 18 6 beat George Heriot’s FP 37 2
23/03/2014 Selkirk 15 8 beat George Heriot’s FP 35 0
28/03/2014 George Heriot’s FP 31 2 lost to Selkirk 16 6
29/03/2014 Selkirk 30 6 beat Balerno & Currie 43 2

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Watsonians A 12 11 1 0 22 238 19.83 68
2 Selkirk 12 9 3 0 18 237 19.75 63
3 Balerno & Currie 12 4 8 0 8 402 33.50 37
4 George Heriot’s FP 12 0 12 0 0 432 36.00 24


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Individual averages

Previous match commentary:

10/10/2013: Watsonians A v Selkirk.
This is the first match of the new season,  with Selkirk out to get a clear early lead, with a 6 point difference,  ahead of the home team.  A Dove  and A Anderson both on opposing teams, having the lowest equal dropped points,  however the Match  Play points are shared with Selkirk taking the larger portion. A good clear win for Selkirk at the start of this season.

17/10/2013: George Heriot’s FP v Watsonians A.
A very close match indeed, only 2 points in the final score, each opposing shooter, being  well matched,  Although Watsons A team coming out on top, with fewer dropped points. Watsonians A have also taken 6 of the match play points, C Watson pulling 2 away for Heriots.  Lets hope this level of play keeps up.

04/11/2013: George Heriot’s FP v Selkirk.
Selkirk here at an away match have shown just how good they can be with 3 team members having equal high scores of the match, taking 6 of the match play points and the match C Watson being the high scorer for Heriots, but tonight, although good scores just not quite what was needed to keep Selkirk at bay

15/11/2013: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie.
Here we have Selkirk, again, thumping away at their competition,  in this match taking 6 of the match play points and winning the match even although the match high scorer R Kuznetsov is with Balerno and Currie. This has not deterred Selkirk, who if the keep this scoring rate up are going to pull away from everyone.

18/11/2013: George Heriot’s FP v Balerno & Currie.
This match has been a good one for Balerno and Currie with Mr May only dropping 1 point on each card making him tonight’s highest score, his team have also taken the match but only 4 of the match play points, D Aitken and C W Mackenzie are the high scorers for Heriots and have held onto the other 4 match play points.

28/11/2013: Watsonians A v George Heriot’s FP.
Watsonians A team really went out to win this one , all top scorers are in their team with Mrs Dove having the highest score of the evening, not only have they taken the match but have taken all 8 of the match play points. Heriots have made a valiant effort but could not keep Watsons at bay.

12/12/2013: Balerno & Currie v George Heriot’s FP.
Another close well match shoot, C Watson of George Heriots being the high scores with a very respectable 1 off over his two cards, But, Balerno and Curries steady shooting stole the match but only by 3 points. However showing how close it was, the match play points are shared equally between both teams.

09/01/2014: Watsonians A v George Heriot’s FP
Watsonians were on very good form this evening  it has shown by their excellent scores the high score being A Dove with only 2 dropped points, 1 on each card, They have taken 6 of the match play points with Mr Aitken recovering 2 of them for Heriots, who also had good scores, a very high scoring evening, but Watsonians have proved to be the better team on the night.

13/01/2014: George Heriot’s FP v Balerno & Currie
Each team Division 1 are really trying to win , more good consistent scores With D Aitken being the top shot of the evening and with a perfect score card on his second card, keeping 2 of the match play points for his team. Good shooting but not enough to keep the match from Balerno and Currie who have taken 6 of the match play points.  Balerno and Currie’s score is only 5 points better, but good enough to take the match.

23/01/2014: George Heriot’s FP v Watsonians A
Watsonians are really trying, with some cracking scores, 14 dropped points to Heriots 33 giving Watsonians the match. Adam Dove and his mother appeared to have had their own little competition here, but this time the student became the master. High scorer of the evening was A  Dove,  for Watsonians,  who have taken 6 of the match play points and the match. C Watson recovering two match play points for Heriots

30/01/2014: Balerno & Currie v George Heriot’s FP.
Balerno and Currie are clear winners here although George Heriots, SR McKenzie has pulled back 2 match play points , but Balerno has taken the match and 6 match play points, High scorer in this match is F Gifford.

31/01/2014: Selkirk v Watsonians A.
Watson have taken this match quite convincingly, Their JR Brown being the high scorer with only 1 dropped point between both cards, It is good to see a little internal competition with Adam and Rhona Dove, with Mrs Dove 3 points better, Watsonians have also taken 6 match play points, Selkirk’s A Anderson has kept  2 of the match play points, but a clear win for Watsonians

06/02/2014: Watsonians A v Selkirk.
A very close match here, having 4 match play points each, but Watsonians Just managed to take the match, the high scores were tied one from each team. A Dove for Watsonians, and A Anderson for Selkirk, Mother and son in Watsonians still fighting away , this time Adam has fewer dropped this match.. The match play points have been equally shared at 4 each, a very good close shot match.

13/02/2014: Balerno & Currie v Watsonians A.
Another good close match in Div 1, showing how tight this division is, only 53 points dropped in the whole match between both teams. Watsonians just keeping the match with R Thomson being the high scorer. However I can’t say the highest scorer of the evening that goes to L MacNeill in Division 2, but R Thomson is the high scorer for Div 1, Not being satisfied with the match Watsons have taken 5 match play points with Balerno & Currie hanging onto 3 match play points, This makes all the effort worthwhile to see good competitive spirit.

18/02/2014: Watsonians A v Balerno & Currie.
Watsonians A team are clear winners here, taking the match with a very clear lead. B&C have an unusual amount of dropped points this time, giving the match to Watsonians, However Balerno and Currie’s R Kuznetsov is the high scorer of the match and retained 2 match play points, but let Watsonians take 6 of them.
The Dove’s are still trying hard to outshoot each other With Mrs Dove proving the better shot tonight

21/02/2014: Selkirk v Watsonians A.
Watsonians A team are trying hard now, taking another match, but a close shot one with only 6 points between the teams, Watsonians winning, Watsonians almost swept the floor having 3 of the highest scorers in their team.  Selkirk’s A Anderson held onto two of the match play points but let Watsonians take 6 and the match.
Here again the Doves are trying to out-do each other, But Mrs Dove, Showing who’s boss by dropping fewer points between them

06/03/2014: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk.
This was a hard evening for both teams shooting a double match,  Selkirk’s Bill Vaughan still showing he has got it being the top shot on this match with no dropped points and their A Anderson coming in a very close second dropping only 1 point, Selkirk convincingly took this match also taking 6 of the match play points

The two teams went straight back in to shoot their 2nd match

06/03/2014: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk.
Selkirk was determined to make their journey worthwhile, With their W Vaughan again being the top shot of this match,  Selkirk have taken this match quite convincingly again, dropping fewer points. B&C’s F Gifford was shooting well and seized 2 match play points but Selkirk held onto the other 6.

Selkirk have shot well tonight and shown a long journey up from the borders and straight in to shoot can be done and very well at that, good shooting by both teams when it is a prolonged evening shooting 4 cards each.

The results for these two matches came in very late and clubs are reminded of the relevant rule about sending results to the League Secretary, viz.

Rule 20   The result of a shoulder-to-shoulder League match must be intimated to the League secretary of the Association within three days of its being shot by the Secretary of the home club.

Emailing the results was agreed at the AGM and is a quicker way of getting results in.

13/03/2014: Balerno & Currie v Watsonians A.
Watsonians A Team have really gone out to win tonight, with a resounding difference in the totals. Adam Dove for Watsonians is the high scorer of the evening,  well outshooting his mother tonight, who was unusually the lowest scorer in the team, Watsonians A have taken 6 match play points with Balerno & Curries’  N Georgeson holding onto 2 of them, Watsonians are holding onto their lead in this years league at the moment.

20/03/2014: Watsonians A v Balerno & Currie.
Another  very close match here,  Watsonians’ R Thomson is the high scorer of the match. Watsonians have three of the top scorers in their team tonight, and clearly went out to win this one. they also took 6 of the match play points, However , Balerno & Currie’s A Robertson held onto 2 match play points from I Thomson, taking some points back for B&C.  All this and the scores in before 9.30pm, Watsons really got themselves organised tonight.

23/03/2014: Selkirk v George Heriot’s FP.
This is one of the double header matches between Selkirk and George Heriot’s tonight with Selkirk pulling out all the stops in this match with their W Vaughan and A Anderson being equal top scorers of the evening with the team taking 6 of the match play points and a very convincing win. Heriot’s S R Mackenzie managed to hold onto 2 of the match play points

23/03/2014: Selkirk v George Heriot’s FP.
This is the other match of the double header match tonight with Selkirk and Heriots. The long journey down to the Borders appears to have had an effect as again Selkirk have taken a very decisive win, Their A Anderson being the top shot in this match with the team taking all 8 match Play points and the match.

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