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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2012-13

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21/03/2013: Balerno & Currie v Watsonians. This was the final match in division one, and what a close finish this was, Watsonians dropping 25 points and Balerno & Currie dropping 26. Watsonians R Thomson and J Brown both being the high scorers of the match, R Thomson on the first round and J Brown on the second. with Watsonians taking the match and 6 match points.

This has Watsonians wining the league.

Well shot to all competitors.

We now need to wait for the last matches of Div 2 to take place.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
25/10/2012 Watsonians 20 (6) beat Pathhead A 44 (2)
19/11/2012 Selkirk 14 (8) beat Pathhead A 38 (0)
26/11/2012 Pathhead A 38 (2) lost to Balerno & Currie 33 (6)
30/11/2012 Selkirk 17 (7) beat Balerno & Currie 40 (1)
31/01/2013 Balerno & Currie 36 (4) lost to Pathhead A 33 (4)
04/02/2013 Pathhead A 33 (3) lost to Selkirk 30 (5)
14/02/2013 Watsonians 32 (6) beat Balerno & Currie 57 (2)
22/02/2013 Selkirk 22 (2) lost to Watsonians 21 (6)
25/02/2013 Pathhead A 38 (6) beat Watsonians 46 (2)
07/03/2013 Balerno & Currie 29 (4) lost to Selkirk 28 (4)
12/03/2013 Watsonians 22 (6) beat Selkirk 29 (2)
21/03/2013 Balerno & Currie 26 (2) lost to Watsonians 25 (6)

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Watsonians 6 5 1 0 10 166 27.67 32
2 Selkirk 6 4 2 0 8 140 23.33 28
3 Pathhead A 6 2 4 0 4 224 37.33 17
4 Balerno & Currie 6 1 5 0 2 221 36.83 19
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Previous match commentary:

02/10/12: The shoot-off for last season’s Division 1 title was held at Pathhead on 2nd October.  Click here to see the full details.

25/10/12: Watsonians v Pathhead A
Division one has started their matches, still during daylight evenings but that is all about to change.
Starting with Watsonians v Pathhead. Watsonians Robin Thomson having an excellent start with no dropped points on his first card, closely followed by Rhona Dove with 1 off. Watsonians taking 6 match points, Pathhead’s grace being saved by Niall Georgeson wining his match point for Pathhead, the final score being 20 dropped pints for Watsonians and 44 for Pathhead.
From this point on it will seem more normal attending in the dark to the evening matches.

19/11/2012: Selkirk v Pathhead A
Selkirk start their season with a very low score, Ian Burton having only 3 dropped points over both cards, the top scorer for the evening, the rest of his team sticking very close to him, Selkirk taking the match and all 8 match points,

26/11/2012: Pathhead A v Balerno & Currie.

A very exciting evening at Pathhead, with neighbours popping in. This did not stop the match going ahead and was a very close match the high scorer of the evening being N Kendrick.

Balerno and Currie held of the opposition dropping fewer points and taking 6 of the match points.


30/11/2012: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie.

This is a correction to the edit earlier promulgated. Unfortunately I seem to have erred on seeing the scores or it may have been the tiny camera photo of the score card sent via mobile phone which was difficult to read, However, here are the scores as they should have been.
Selkirk being the home team tonight out there to hold onto their lead dropping only 17 points to Balerno & Currie’s 40, Another determined effort taking 7 match points . E Brown being the top scorer of the evening with only 1 dropped point per card.

31/01/2013: Balerno & Currie v Pathhead A
This has been a very close run match, the scores being very tight, but Pathhead A have managed to get the lower dropped points taking the match, The score being so close has given 4 match points to each team  with the high scorer of the evening being Pathhead’s N Georgeson.

04/02/2013: Pathhead A v Selkirk.
A very close match indeed the, top scorer of the evening being Pathhead A’s, N Georgeson.. Selkirk’s high scorer Being I Burton. The match points are shared as well but with Selkirk taking the Match and 5 of the match pints, each pairing only being 1-3 points apart.  Good competitive spirit in this match.

14/02/2013: Watsonians v Balerno & Currie.
Watsonians being the home team pulled well together to take this match, with R Thomson being Watsonians top scorer and the team taking 6 of the 8 match points. However Mr May of Balerno & Currie was determined to give a good fight for his teams being the high scorer of the match, and taking the only 2 match points for their team. But Watsonians romped home with the highest total winning the match.

22/02/2013: Selkirk v Watsonians.
Another very close match, the high scorer of the evening being R Thomson with 2 dropped points, Selkirk’s W Vaughan and K Nixon were unable to repeat their first card giving Watsonians the advantage. Watsonians took the  match and 6 match points, with Bill Vaughan of Selkirk holding onto the other 2 match points.

25/02/2013: Pathhead A v Watsonians.
The home team made a real effort tonight with Pathhead a taking the match and having the high scorer of the evening on their team, N Georgeson, they also took 6 of the 8 match points, Watsonians I Thomson managing to keep hold of two of the match points, but a decisive win for Pathhead A

07/03/2013: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk.
This has been a very close match, again, only 1 point deciding the winner. B&C’s P May has again been the top shooter of the evening dropping only 1 point over both cards. Selkirk won the match,  but have had to share the match points having 4 match point for each team. 

12/03/2013: Watsonians v Selkirk.
Tonight’s match has been another fairly tight match, with the high scorer being Watsonians Robin Thomson with both cards only dropping  1 point on each card. They were determined not just to win the match but have taken all 8 match points.  Watsonians still have a match in hand which could make all the difference on the final  scores

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