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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2010-11

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25/03/11: Selkirk v Balerno & Currie:  In the first of a flurry of matches in the last week of the season, all  of which featured Balerno & Currie, their final visit to the Champions’ lair in the Borders proved as unfruitful as the previous ones, resulting in a defeat by some margin.  Selkirk shot to their average, but the visitors were a little below par, Top scorer for Selkirk was Bill Vaughan with 195, and top for B&C for the second match running was new boy Gordon Buchan with 192, who also took his team’s only Matchplay points.

28/03/11: George Heriot’s FP v Balerno & Currie:  In their second match in three days, Balerno & Currie were still looking for their first league points against confirmed runner-up in the division Heriot’s.  It was not to be, and the scores were a virtual re-run of their previous match – Balerno & Currie were one point better than against Selkirk, and Heriot’s were one point better than Selkirk’s score.  Maybe Balerno were missing their top-shot from the previous two matches Gordon Buchan this time but they couldn’t pick it up for this match.  Heriot’s all shot well and put in their second-best total of the season.  Their top scorer was Charlie Mackenzie with 197 (including a poss), while top for the visitors was Peter May on 190. The home team took all the Matchplay points .

31/03/11: Balerno & Currie v Pathhead A:  The final match of the programme was Balerno’s last-chance saloon for breaking their duck, against the team immediately ahead of them in the league. They probably fancied their chances, and indeed put in an excellent score, 15 points better than last time and their third-best.  However, Pathhead chose this match to put in their top-equal score of the season to pip the visitors by only 4 points. Top scorer for Balerno was veteran Frank Gifford with 196, but Pathhead’s Iain Forrest was well ahead of everybody with 198.  Balerno took some comfort in extracting 4 Matchplay points.


The season has now concluded and Selkirk are confirmed winners of Division 1 and they also take the Matchplay trophy.  Bill Vaughan of Selkirk wins the award for the best average with 2.05 with Heriot’s Stewart Mackenzie second with  2.83.  Bill also wins the Hayhoe Cup for the best average in any division.

Selkirk now meet Pathhead B (winners of Division 2) in the Champion of Champions match, to be held on a neutral range in April sometime (still to be arranged).

The organiser would like to thank all the participants for their forbearance, cooperation and understanding during the difficult weather we experienced in November and December.  We got through it all eventually.

Match results  —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
15/10/2010 Selkirk 21 (7) beat Balerno & Currie 51 (1)
21/10/2010 George Heriot’s FP 35 (3) lost to Selkirk 26 (5)
04/11/2010 George Heriot’s FP 30 (6) beat Pathhead A 39 (2)
08/11/2010 Selkirk 21 (8) beat Pathhead A 40 (0)
11/11/2010 Balerno & Currie 45 (4) lost to George Heriot’s FP 29 (4)
25/11/2010 Balerno & Currie 40 (4) lost to Selkirk 34 (4)
10/01/2011 Pathhead A 48 (1) lost to George Heriot’s FP 36 (7)
17/01/2011 George Heriot’s FP 29 (5) beat Balerno & Currie 32 (3)
20/01/2011 Balerno & Currie 39 (2) lost to Pathhead A 30 (6)
31/01/2011 Pathhead A 29 (5) beat Balerno & Currie 35 (3)
07/02/2011 Pathhead A 41 (6) beat Balerno & Currie 52 (2)
10/02/2011 George Heriot’s FP 36 (1) lost to Selkirk 20 (7)
14/02/2011 Pathhead A 34 (2) lost to Selkirk 33 (6)
17/02/2011 Balerno & Currie 35 (2) lost to Selkirk 28 (6)
21/02/2011 George Heriot’s FP 30 (7) beat Pathhead A 40 (1)
28/02/2011 Selkirk 25 (6) beat George Heriot’s FP 28 (2)
04/03/2011 Selkirk 20 (8) beat George Heriot’s FP 34 (0)
07/03/2011 Selkirk 14 (8) beat Pathhead A 41 (0)
14/03/2011 Pathhead A 40 (6) beat Selkirk 48 (2)
17/03/2011 Balerno & Currie 24 (3) lost to George Heriot’s FP 22 (5)
21/03/2011 Pathhead A 35 (4) lost to George Heriot’s FP 32 (4)
25/03/2011 Selkirk 26 (6) beat Balerno & Currie 49 (2)
28/03/2011 George Heriot’s FP 25 (8) beat Balerno & Currie 48 (0)
31/03/2011 Balerno & Currie 33 (4) lost to Pathhead A 29 (4)

League Table —

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Selkirk 12 11 1 0 22 316 26.33 73
2 George Heriot’s FP 12 8 4 0 16 366 30.50 52
3 Pathhead A 12 5 7 0 10 446 37.17 37
4 Balerno & Currie 12 0 12 0 0 483 40.25 30

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Previous match commentary:

15/10/10:  Selkirk began the defence of their title with a comprehensive home win against Division 1 newcomers Balerno & Currie making the first of their two trips over Soutra.  The Borderers carried on where they left off last season with an excellent score, but the visitors could and should have done better.  Still a bit rusty this early in the season perhaps, and they’ll improve.  Joint top scorers for Selkirk were Bill Vaughan, John Milne and Eric Brown, all on 196, and the best for Balerno was Kirsten Tulloch with a very up and down 192 (93 & 99 – she’d be pleased with that one).  Selkirk took the Matchplay points 7 – 1 to open up a big lead there right away.

21/10/10:  Heriot’s first match saw them welcoming the champions Selkirk to their Edinburgh range, and the Borderers improved on their score of last week’s demolition of Balerno & Currie by taking the points from the home team. It wasn’t such a comprehensive win as last week’s though, and if Heriot’s fire on all cylinders they could give the league-leaders a closer competition in matches to come.  Top scorer for the home team was Chris Watson with 195 and best for Selkirk was Bill Vaughan on 197.  The visitors took a healthy five Matchplay points to streak into an early lead there.

04/11/10:  Pathhead opened their programme with a visit to Heriot’s perhaps hoping to continue their strong showing in last year’s competition.  However, it was the home team who took the points with an improved score from their loss to Selkirk the previous week.  On this form, it looks like Heriot’s will be the main challengers to the obvious favourites, but it’s early days yet.  Top scorer for the home team was Stewart Mackenzie with 197 (showing off with his new lens), and top for Pathhead was Niall Georgeson with 193.  All the Pathhead shooters performed steadily – only three points covered all their cards – but the home team had more good scores.  Pathhead took a couple of Matchplay points with their top scorer beating Heriot’s lowest scorer.

08/11/10: Pathhead’s sluggish start to the season, and Selkirk’s brighter one, continued when last year’s top two clashed at the Borderers cosy range, and the visitors from over the hill suffered a rare whitewash.  The home team all shot steadily with John Milne at the top of their list with 196.  Top for Pathhead were Niall Georgeson and Jim Scott with 193s.

11/11/10:  Heriot’s confirmed their status as the major challengers to Selkirk this season by seeing off Balerno & Currie quite comfortably on their visit to the Edinburgh suburbs.  Heriot’s are the only team to score under 30 off so far this season apart from league-leaders Selkirk, and have improved their score in each successive match.  B&C’s top scorer was Frank Gifford with 195 but top for the visitors was David Aitken with 197.  Heriot’s captain got the Matchplay picks all wrong as he managed to pit his two lowest scorers against Balerno’s two highest scorers, so the Matchplay points were shared 4-all.

25/11/10: Selkirk visited Balerno & Currie on what must have been a pretty snowy trip from the Borders, and their high standards dropped a little along with the temperature. It wasn’t enough to slip up though,  The home team put in their best performance so far, but it wasn’t enough to trouble the champions who took the points with a little to spare.  Balerno’s top shooter was Frank Gifford with 193, but top for the night was Selkirk’s Bill Vaughan with a fine198 which included the first ‘poss’ of the season in this competition.  The Matchplay points were level at four each, and Selkirk are taking a healthy lead there at this early stage of the season..

10/01/11: Heriot’s took the points quite easily on their latest visit to Pathhead where the hosts didn’t really get into gear.  No big disasters but not quite up to the visitors’ standard which was in fact slightly below their average so far.  This win keeps Heriot’s within touching distance of the Champions, whose next match isn’t for another month.  Top scorer for the home team was evergreen Jim Hind with 191, while top for Heriot’s was Charlie Mackenzie with 192.  Pathhead’s only consolation was a solitary Matchplay point.

17/01/11: Heriot’s v Balerno & Currie:  The visitors came closer than they have been so far this season in sinning a match, but Heriot’s kept their title challenge going with a narrow 3-point win against their visitors.  Despite Balerno & Currie having their best score of the season, Heriot’s equalled theirs and prevailed in a tight match which could have gone either way. Heriot’s only lost one Matchplay match – their lowest scorer losing to Balerno’s highest scorer who was Gavin Walker with 194.  Top for the home team was David Aitken with 196.

20/01/11: Balerno & Currie v Pathhead A:  It was same-old-same-o for Balerno & Currie in their second match of the week, this time at their home range against Pathhead. With Balerno’s score only a few points down on Monday’s effort, Pathhead took the points with their best score of the season.  Looks like B&C have the fates against them, but they’ve certainly upped their game and it will not be long before they win. This gives the visitors their first win of the season, and keeps Balerno pointless, their only consolation from this match being two Matchplay points.  Top scorer for the home team was Kirsten Tulloch with 192 but top for Pathhead was Niall Georgeson with 198 including only the second ‘poss’ in the programme so far.

31/01/11: Pathhead A v Balerno & Currie:  In a rerun of their last match a few days ago, this time at Pathhead, the home team improved their season’s best score by a point and left Balerno & Currie still pointless after six matches.  There was only six points in it though.  There aren’t many scores in the 20-offs and if Pathhead keep this run of improvement up then they might be challenging at the end of the season.  Still a lot of work to do though.  Their top scorer was Niall Georgeson with 195, while best for Balerno was Anne Robertson on the same score.  Pathhead edged the Matchplay by 5 to 3.

07/02/11: Pathhead A v Balerno & Currie:  The Balerno team made its way out to Pathhead for the second time in a week hoping to improve on their relatively narrow defeat last time.  It was not to be.  Both teams performed below their capabilities, but the home team held it together better to take the points.  The visitors’ score from last week would have won this match, so they can do it.  Top scorer for Pathhead was Alastair Parlett with 196, but the star of the night was Balerno’s Anne Robertson whose total, although only 192, included a ‘poss’ – her first for some time.  She now heads the list of ‘best improvers’ from the first to the second card with +8.  Niall Georgeson of Pathhead had a difference of -8 in this match (also leading that particular list), but we won’t mention that, except to say that Anne earned her team’s only Matchplay points against him.

10/02/11: George Heriot’s FP v Selkirk: In the first of Selkirk’s three consecutive away matches in the space of a week they showed second-placed Heriot’s who’s the boss by putting in the best score of the season by any team. The home team shot a little below their average and it certainly wasn’t enough to keep up with their visitors who, on this form, must be considered the champions-elect even at this stage.  Top scorer for Heriot’s was Chris Watson with 194 (winning his side’s only Matchplay point) and the best for Selkirk was Keith Nixon with 197.

14/02/11: Pathhead A v Selkirk:  Pathhead’s mini-revival (they lost their first three matches, then won the next three) came to an end with the visit of league-leaders Selkirk who agonisingly pipped them by one single point in the closest match so far this season. Selkirk are getting a bit of luck these days – in both their matches where they have shot below their normal standard the opposition has not taken advantage of their slip. This gives Selkirk a four point cushion over Heriot’s, having not lost a match yet, and keeps Pathhead firmly in third place.  Top scorers for Pathhead were Jim Hind and Niall Georgeson with 194s, and best for Selkirk was Bill Vaughan on 196.  The visitors took the Matchplay  points 6 to 2.

17/02/11: Balerno & Currie v Selkirk:  Balerno fielded just about their strongest team against a rampant Selkirk looking for their third win in succession in a week ‘on the road’. They must be getting to know the A7 very well indeed. However, despite putting in their second-best score of the season Balerno’s effort wasn’t enough to challenge the visitors who took the points with a comfortable margin.  Their top scorer was again Keith Nixon with 198 (a bit of an improvement from 185 in the last match!), whereas the best for Balerno & Currie was Peter May with 194. Selkirk took a good haul of six Matchplay points.

21/02/11: George Heriot’s FP v Pathhead A:  Heriot’s put in one of their better scores to beat Pathhead convincingly to hang on by their fingernails in the title hunt, but they will need to beat Selkirk twice in their next two matches (both away – a  tall order).  Lose one, and it’ll probably be all over. Both teams shot steadily with just one ‘blip’ per team, but the home team’s level was a little higher than their visitors’.  Top scorer for Heriot’s was Chris Watson with 196, and for Pathhead it was Alistair Parlett on 193.  Heriot’s took all but one of the Matchplay points – the two lowest scorers in each team tieing.

28/02/11: Selkirk v George Heriot’s FP:  Heriot’s challenge was all but ended with this away loss to Selkirk.  They put up a pretty good fight though and put in their best score of the season but came up against a Selkirk side on top form. The margin was only three points.  This win puts Selkirk firmly in charge of retaining their title.  Their three joint top scorers on 195 were Eric Brow, Ian Burton and Bill Vaughan, while topping them all for the visitors was evergreen Stewart Mackenzie with 196.  Unusually for such a close match, Selkirk took six Matchplay points to two for Heriot’s – the three 195s ensured that haul.

04/03/11: Selkirk v George Heriot’s FP:  Heriot’s second trip to the Borders in a week produced the same result, but by a much bigger margin.  Selkirk emphasised their superiority in this league by equalling their best score so afar this season (ironically it was previously against Heriot’s too), and sent the city team back home to think again. None of them shot badly – Selkirk just shot better and very steadily, with only two points covering their top to bottom scorers.  Their top man was Bill Vaughan on 196, while best for the visitors was Chris Watson with 194.  Selkirk took all eight Matchplay points to complete the whitewash.

07/03/11: Selkirk v Pathhead A:  Selkirk just keep getting better and better.  In their last five matches, they have improved their score each match by 5 then 3 then 5 and now 6 points to record by far the best score seen this season.  This was too much for Pathhead to handle and they lost heavily, showing little sign of the form they are capable of.  Top scorer for the home team was Eric Brown on 198, while best for Pathhead was Niall Georgeson with 192. The champions-elect took all eight Matchplay points to compound the visitors’ misery.  The interest now transfers to see which of Pathhead and Heriot’s can take the runner-up spot.

14/03/11: Pathhead A v Selkirk:  Pathhead took their revenge for last week’s heavy defeat, but Selkirk rather had themselves to blame for contriving to lose their first match this season as Pathhead had much the same score as they put in a week ago.  The visitors were a whopping 34 points down on their previous score, with none of their shooters scoring over 190.  Having won the league maybe they were relaxing a bit.  Top scorers for the home side were Niall Georgeson and Iain Forrest with 191s, and best for Selkirk were Eric Brown and Keith Nixon on 190.  Pathhead took the Matchplay 6-2. It’s till all to pay for in the runners-up stakes though, with Pathhead edging closer to Heriot’s.  Bill Vaughan is leading the averages table but in order to qualify for the award for that, he must shoot in Selkirk’s remaining match as he has already missed two (the maximum allowable).

17/03/11: Balerno & Currie v George Heriot’s FP:  You’re still looking for your first win with 4 matches to go and your team shoots its best score by miles so far this season, when blow darn it, the opposition does exactly the same and pips you by two points!  Hard to bear and very frustrating for a resurgent Balerno team who did their very best against Heriot’s who also pulled out all the stops to snatch the points.  None of the visitors shot less than 96, so it was the two 94s in Balerno’s list which did for them.  Their top scorer was debutant Gordon Buchan with a fine 198 including a rare 100 (for Gordon, the team and indeed the division).  Top shots for Heriot’s were Chris Watson and Stewart Mackenzie with 196s.  Matchplay points went 5-3 for the visitors.

21/03/11: Pathhead A v George Heriot’s FP:  Heriot’s couldn’t repeat last week’s fireworks, but their decent performance against an improved Pathhead was good enough to take the points.  This will undoubtedly cement Heriot’s the runner-up spot in the league. Top scorer for the home team was Jim Hind on 193, but that was topped in style by Heriot’s Stewart Mackenzie with 198. 4-all in the Matchplay.


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