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Final results for Division 1 in the season 2006-07

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26/3/07:  The last match of the season was Heriot’s v Pathhead.  The home team produced their best score of the season and took the points comfortably to record only their second win of the programme.  They wouldn’t be propping up the table if they could shoot like that more often.  Pathhead had their worst score, so that didn’t do their chances any good.  All the Heriot’s shooters exceeded 190 (for the first time), the best being David O’Keefe with 194.  He lost his Matchplay match, however, against Pathhead’s top scorer Alastair Parlett who had 195.

Match results so far —

Date Home Team Score MPP Away Team Score MPP
16/10/2006 George Heriot’s FP A 37 (2) lost to Watsonians 16 (6)
23/10/2006 George Heriot’s FP A 42 (4) lost to Redcraig 34 (4)
26/10/2006 Watsonians 17 (8) beat George Heriot’s FP A 45 (0)
13/11/2006 Redcraig 47 (2) lost to Watsonians 30 (6)
23/11/2006 Watsonians 28 (8) beat George Heriot’s FP A 52 (0)
27/11/2006 Redcraig 31 (8) beat George Heriot’s FP A 58 (0)
04/12/2006 Pathhead 46 (0) lost to Watsonians 28 (8)
11/12/2006 Redcraig 35 (5) lost to Pathhead 34 (3)
18/12/2006 Pathhead 41 (4) beat Redcraig 42 (4)
08/01/2007 Redcraig 45 (5) beat George Heriot’s FP A 63 (3)
11/01/2007 Watsonians 36 (6) beat Pathhead 48 (2)
18/01/2007 Watsonians 26 (8) beat Pathhead 44 (0)
22/01/2007 Pathhead 43 (8) beat George Heriot’s FP A 53 (0)
25/01/2007 Watsonians 28 (8) beat Redcraig 57 (0)
29/01/2007 George Heriot’s FP A 41 (2) lost to Pathhead 35 (6)
12/02/2007 George Heriot’s FP A 36 (6) beat Redcraig 49 (2)
19/02/2007 Redcraig 28 (4) drew with Watsonians 28 (4)
19/02/2007 Pathhead 51 (4) beat George Heriot’s FP A 54 (4)
26/02/2007 Redcraig 58 (6) beat Pathhead 61 (2)
01/03/2007 George Heriot’s FP A 38 (2) lost to Watsonians 25 (6)
05/03/2007 Pathhead 37 (2) lost to Watsonians 25 (6)
12/03/2007 Pathhead 42 (6) beat Redcraig 45 (2)
22/03/2007 Watsonians 28 (6) beat Redcraig 38 (2)
26/03/2007 George Heriot’s FP A 31 (6) beat Pathhead 56 (2)

That completes the programme.  Congratulations to Watsonians on their wins in both the League and the Matchplay (both retained).

League Table

Place Team Shot Won Lost Tied Points Agg Avg MP
1 Watsonians 12 11 0 1 23 315 26.25 80
2 Pathhead 12 6 6 0 12 538 44.83 39
3 Redcraig 12 4 7 1 9 509 42.42 44
4 George Heriot’s FP A 12 2 10 0 4 550 45.83 29

Click here to see the individual averages for this division (pdf file)

Previous Commentary:
16/10/06: The season opened with a resounding away win for Watsonians over Heriot’s A, with the visitors’ Junior World Champion Matthew Thomson scoring one of the very few double 100s ever scored in this competition.  Stewart Mackenzie was top scorer for the home team with 6 points dropped.

23/10/06: Redcraig entered the fray with an away win against Heriot’s.  David McConnell topped the visitors scores with a fine 100, 97,  with Chris Watson top for the home shooters.  The Matchplay points were shared 4-all.

26/10/06:  Watsonians continued the form of their first match, only dropping 17 to Heriot’s 45 off.  Graham Rudd (another member of the “Double Hundred” Club) was best for the home team (who took all 8 Matchplay points) with two 99s.

13/11/06:  Watsonians visited Redcraig and took away the points for the match, but only six Matchplay points.  In a low-scoring match the away team struggled with the unfamiliar 20-yard range and none of their team got to grips with it.  Top scorer for the home team was veteran and former Scottish Champion Alec McConnell with 98,96, with Gordon McDougall, a relatively mature newcomer to the sport, scoring the same, overcoming the novelty and putting his more experienced team-mates to shame.

23/11/06:  Heriot’s visited Watsonians for the second time this season, and the first result was repeated, with the visitors going home pointless.  Top score for the home team was Graham Rudd, making up for his lapse at Redcraig last week, with 99, 100.  Stewart Mackenzie was the only one of the visitors to shine, with scores of  99 and 97.  Watsonians took all 8 Matchplay points too.

27/11/06:  Heriot’s visited Redcraig for their first visit to the only 20-yard range in the county and came away with nothing.  The home team had their best score so far, and Heriot’s their worst.  In fact Heriot’s scores have got worse in each successive match.  John Cranston top scored for the home team with 196, and David O’Keefe was best for the visitors with 192.

4/12/06:Pathhead entered the fray at last with a home match against league-leaders Watsonians, who took away all the points.  Top for the home team was 191 from Jim Scott, returning to the sport after a few years absence and currently using kit borrowed from his dad, but the highlight of the evening was a great 98, 100 from 16-year-old Ollie Barron for the visitors.

11/12/06: Pathhead picked up their first points of the season with an away win against Redcraig by the narrowest of margins.  The home team won the Matchplay battle by 5-3 though.  Alan McConnell was Redcraig’s best performer with a steady 195, and Alistair Parlett topped the  visitor’s scores with 194, with returnee ‘young’ Jim Scott only a point behind.

18/12/06: Pathhead continued their winning ways with a narrow home win over Redcraig, repeating their one-point. away victory over the same opponents last week, albeit in a somewhat lower-scoring match.  Alastair Parlett was top for the home team with 196, but the best on the night was David McConnell with a fine 197. The Matchplay points were shared 4-all.

8/1/07: The first match of the new year saw a comfortable home victory for Redcraig over Heriot’s, who continued their run of having a worse score in each successive match, although the home team’s score was nothing to write home about either – too many Christmas pies all round maybe.  Top man for Redcraig was veteran Alex McConnell with 193, and best for the visitors was Stewart Mackenzie, one point less. Heriot’s only Matchplay win came in the bottom-scoring pairing – 179 to 178 (no names given to protect the guilty)!

11/1/07: Watsonians entertained Pathhead in both teams’  first match of 2007, and won quite comfortably despite Mike Czemerys having a nightmare first card in his first match in the team for some time and he was the only home shooter to lose his Matchplay match.  Watsonians’ golden oldie Bill Hamilton put in a solid 199 to top the scoresheet, and best for the visitors was Alastair Parlett with 191.

18/1/07: Pathhead visited table-toppers Watsonians for the second week running for a match which produced the same result – a win for the home team.  In fact they went one better and won all the Matchplay points this time.  It was Scott Dixon’s turn to shine for Watsonians with a 197, and top for Pathhead was Jim Scott with 192.

22/1/07: Pathhead entertained Heriot’s and kept all the points. The visitors halted their run of getting a worse total in each successive match, but the improvement wasn’t enough and the home team were too good. Pathhead’s top scorer was Jim Hind with 193 (including a 99), and best for the visitors was Stewart Mackenzie with 191.

25/1/07: League leaders Watsonians entertained Team McConnell (aka Redcraig) and won quite comfortably, helped by some ‘could do better’ shooting from the visitors, none of whom shot up to their average.  Top performer for the home team was old-timer Bill Hamilton on 196, with ‘young-timer’ David McC’s 191 being the best for Redcraig, their only score in single figures. Watsonians took all 8 Matchplay points.

29/1/07: Heriot’s welcomed Pathhead to a return match after last week’s 10-point away defeat, and improved their score by 12 points.  Alas it wasn’t enough to secure victory as the visitors also improved.  The margin was only 8 points this time but Heriot’s are still looking for their first win this season.  Two draws in the Matchplay gave them some consolation though.  Top scorer for Heriot’s was Bob Aitken with 192, and for Pathhead it was ‘young’ Jim Scott, 193, once again.

12/2/07: Heriot’s continued their improving form and recorded their first win of the season by beating visitors Redcraig, who never really got into gear and produced one of their worse performances of the programme. Joint top scorers for the home team were Stewart Mackenzie and  David O’Keefe with 196, while best for Redcraig was Alan McConnell with 192, securing his side’s only Matchplay points.

19/2/07: Watsonians’ long winning run came to an end when home-team Redcraig took a point off them.  This was the first match in this league that Watsonians had not won for over seven years (since 12th December 1999, when they lost to Balerno & Currie). When asked for a quote, team captain Bill Hamilton said, “All winning streaks have to come to an end sometime, and Redcraig did very well.  We beat them at home last week quite easily, but despite us having the exact same score this time, they raised their game and took a well-deserved point.”  Redcraig have their top-scorer Alan Hay to thank for his fine 197, well above his average.  Top for the visitors was Nick Baker with 196 in his first match this season after an enforced absence due to an operation on his hand.  The Matchplay points were also shared 4-each.

19/2/07: After their first win last week, Heriot’s came down to earth at Pathhead, where they lost narrowly by only three points.  Only David Aitken for the visitors kept his head with a 193, but the home team were all fairly even, with Jim Hind best with 191.  Two of Heriot’s shooters could have won the match, both having one uncharacteristically poor card. Matchplay points were shared.

26/2/07: In a close match at Redcraig the home team won by 3 points over Pathhead in one of the lowest-scoring matches this season.  After their heroics against league-leaders Watsonians last week, Redcraig more than doubled their points dropped, but it was enough to overcome Pathhead who had the second-worst score in the division so far this season.  Best scorer for the home team was Alan McConnell with 193, while the best for the visitors were Jim Scott and Alastair Parlett each with 188.

Watsonians bounced back from their draw last week, improved their score and took a comfortable away win over Heriot’s, despite the home team having one of their better scores. The combined efforts of Nick Baker and Bill Hamilton – both with 198s – was too much for Heriot’s to counter, and their best scorers were Stewart Mackenzie and Chris Watson with 192s.  It didn’t go all Watsonians’ way though, as Chris was the only home shooter to win his Matchplay match.

5/3/07: Pathhead welcomed Watsonians and despite having one of their better scores, could not get close to the Champions-elect’s total, for whom Nick Baker shone with a fine 199.  Best for the home shooters was Alastair Parlett with 195, but it was Jim Scott who took Pathhead’s only Matchplay points.

12/3/07: In a close match on their own range, Pathhead took a win over  visitors Redcraig.  Both teams’ totals were close to their average scores over the season, but the home team edged it by only 3 points with Alastair Parlett’s 194 probably winning the match for them. Nobody in Redcraig’s team managed better than 190, which was achieved by both Alan McConnell and Bob Watt, the latter sneaking their only Matchplay points.
22/3/07:  In their last matches of the season Watsonians took revenge on Redcraig for the point they lost to them last month, by winning comfortably at home this time.  Watsonians actually had the same score they had in their previous drawn match against Redcraig, but the visitors couldn’t improve and went down by ten points.  No individual really shone, but best for the home team were Bill Hamilton and Ian McAlpine with 195s, and Redcraig’s top man was Bob Watt with 193.  Gordon McDougall of the home team gets the prize for best recovery for his 93, 99 combo.  David McConnell took Redcraig’s only Matchplay points.

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