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This League was originally for teams of six, each shooting one card per match.  Starting with the 1999-2000 season it was changed to be for teams of four, two cards each.  This was due to the falling numbers of participants in the sport and in particular the difficulties some of our local clubs had in raising six-person teams.  This retrenchment has continued as clubs fall by the wayside (Musselburgh, Dalkeith and Pathhead in recent years) and is reflected in that since 2016-17 we only run one division with often only five or six teams.  The Matchplay league which is run concurrently was introduced at the same time to add more interest.

Take this link to see some historical information about the early years.

A concurrent handicap league was introduced in the 2016-17 season to give more incentive to the lower-average teams when shooting against the top teams in the single division.

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(for the Evening News Cup & the Div 2 Matchplay Trophy)
(for the Maule Targe)
(for the Aitchison Cup)
(for the Mortimer Trophy)
(for the Scotsman Trophy)

This link gives the results of the Champion of Champions matches (a handicap match between the winners of the 1st and 2nd divisions)

This link gives the winners of the trophy for the highest average in the league (the Hayhoe Cup).

In 1976 another Shoulder-to-Shoulder league was introduced, shooting in the indoor range at the newly-built Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh.  It was for teams of three, and was shot at 50 yards initially but changed to 50 metres in 1980.  Due to the dearth of equivalent facilities elsewhere, this competition was unique certainly in Scotland and possibly in the UK and attracted teams from a wide area (eg Stirling, Dumfries, Berwick).  The competition was discontinued in 1991 because the range was closed due to safety issues and it proved too costly for the local Council to upgrade it.  Here are the lists of winners of the three divisions which were run during the relatively short existence of this popular league –

(for the Mortimer Trophy)
(for the Scotsman Trophy)
(for the Division 3 Plaque)

This link gives the winners of the Coronation Cup for the highest average in the league.

The links of the years below  give images of the final results sheets for some of the years this league was running:

1980-81     1981-82     1982-83     1983-84     1984-85    1987-89

If more come to the surface, They will be added in.

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