Championships: Veteran Champions archive. The Veteran champion (60 or over) receives the Veterans Trophy. A trophy was originally presented by D Emslie, President of St Bernard's RC in 1913, and the competition went on until 1923 when it was discontinued for some reason. It was resurrected in 1977 with a new trophy, which was promptly lost in 1989, and it was replaced with the one currently in use.
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Season Winner  
2023-24 A Anderson Hawick
2022-23 R Thomson Watsonians
2021-22 A Anderson Hawick
2020-21 No comp (Covid)  
2019-20 A Anderson Hawick
2018-19 A Anderson Hawick
2017-18 W T Vaughan Hawick
2016-17 W T Vaughan Hawick
2015-16 A Anderson Selkirk
2014-15 R Thomson Watsonians
2013-14 W T Vaughan Selkirk
2013-13 R Chapman Selkirk
2011-12 W T Vaughan Selkirk
2010-11 F Gifford Balerno & Currie
2009-10 W Graham Lanark
2008-09 No competition  
2007-08 J Michael Selkirk
2006-07 W F Hamilton Watsonians
2005-06 W F Hamilton Watsonians
2004-05 M Willock Edinburgh Civil Service
2003-04 L Douglas Selkirk
2002-03 M Willock Edinburgh Civil Service
2001-02 R Allan Edinburgh Civil Service
2000-01 R Allan Edinburgh Civil Service
1999-00 R Fraser Selkirk
1998-99 R Fraser Selkirk
1997-98 R Allan Edinburgh Civil Service
1996-97 R Allan Edinburgh Civil Service
1995-96 R Fraser Selkirk
1994-95 T Finlay Selkirk
1993-94 R Fraser Selkirk
1992-93 J MacDougall Selkirk
1991-92 T Finlay Selkirk
1990-91 S A Guild Watsonians
1989-90 D J Guild Watsonians
1988-89 W Bateman Selkirk
1987-88 W Bateman Selkirk
1986-87 S A Guild Watsonians
1985-86 T Finlay Selkirk
1984-85 T Finlay Selkirk
1983-84 J Macvicar Redcraig
1982-83 N B Brown Eastfield
1981-82 J Eunson Prestonpans
1980-81 D McFarlane Balerno & Currie
1979-80 T Dowie Civil Service
1978-79 T Dowie Civil Service
1977-78 T Dowie Civil Service
1976-77 T Dowie Civil Service
  No competition  
1922-23 R Blyth St Bernards
1921-22 G Broughtwood St Bernards
1919-20 G Broughtwood St Bernards
1915-16 G Broughtwood St Bernards
1914-15 C B Russell St Bernards
1913-14 J T Heathcote St Bernards
1912-13 T M Bennett St Bernards

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